Zachary Hutelin And The World’s Longest Manual.

And yes, this is a real thing that seriously happened on earth.

Thanks to The Mangler for the link.


0 thoughts on “Zachary Hutelin And The World’s Longest Manual.

  1. What did i just watch? Im from around this area and this is quite depressing. Just watch nigel sylvester in his i think go all day he manualed 5 times that distance. Hahaha this is really funny i love it

  2. Chris Ward did a longer one out behind the shop With a 180 to fakie at the end. The only difference is his dad did not pay to have a course measured out and certified and pay to have Guinness world record people on hand. There is probably a kid in every city in the US that can go longer, just not one that is willing to spend the money to make it official.

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