Woodward West Edit

WoodWard West Edit from Josh Metz on Vimeo.

Mark Webb, Coco Zurita, Mike Payne, Aj Anaya, Dean Cueson, and Cody Mckenna having fun at Woodward West.

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    Wow they all suck cock, I hope they aren’t sponsored or anything…

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    good for a laugh.

    mark webb the emo/goff/metal hybrid look was so 2007.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Juan-Andres-Montecinos-Halartegaray/539877100 Juan Andres Montecinos Halçartegaray

    there’s allways a lame bastard that will talk shit with out a name :P

    grande coco!!!.
    that backflip to abubaca was sick

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    didn’t know justin beiber rode bmx 00:09

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    first turndown hop transfer requires some ballz

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    Whoever filmed this needs to learn how to glide with a tripod

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    For some reason this video made me feel like i was watching some Early props video, like road fools 7 kinda thing. just had that kind of vibe

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      It was probably the second song.

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      my thoughs exactly!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noah-Lochner/100000374167090 Noah Lochner

    haha I love watching this crowd ride bikes. Mark webb is the most technical dude ever, Deans got barspin combos for days, Coco is a vert god! and mike payne will go upside down more times in a minute than the average rider will in a year. and aj… Aj is just an animal haha!

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    That was Awesome!

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    AJ is such a fucken joke. Please don’t even film that douche bag or make edits of him again. No one wants to see the same sketchy tricks over and over again.

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    wjo ever made this edit is fucking awsome for using Title Fight

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    title fight in a bmx edit? really wtf.