Wade Lajlar Early 2010 Edit.

Here’s an edit of Wade from early spring that never came out for one reason or another. Wade seems to do a really good job at executing certain tricks flawlessly that you definitely don’t see coming…that feeble hard whip is a great example.

  • http://Website pumpedtobestoked

    damn, Wade is always a treat to watch. Good mix of speed and tech son!

  • http://Website RIDE TRAILS

    sooo good!!

  • http://Website sky

    holy shit i just tripped.. the park at 0:30 and 1:48 is my local park that just got torn down in a small ass city and I was there last night wondering if I was gonna see some of this shit on TCU at some point

  • http://Website breal

    yea wade killin it. got that nosey whip. that was tight

  • http://Website kantt

    him boost reel guud. def an E leet in this kid’s bike game

  • http://Website michelle@3ride.com

    you guys know the drill….

    that edit of suede baller got me pregnant….again.

    • http://Website yeah

      preggo for life

  • http://catfishcatfish.com catfish

    Fuck suck. Yeah wade!

  • http://Website mtb rules

    pretty good for a mountain biker.

  • http://Website adam

    Drew Bezanson did a nollie whip forever ago. This rules though

    • http://Website mtb rules

      and ruben and biz did it about a decade before that too.

  • http://Website Kean Fougere

    Yeaah Wade that was sick! soo fun to watch. oh guys and that feeble hard whip, he just decided to try that trick that night, pulled smooth as butter. and im pretty sure it was the second time he decided to try whip. hes a crazy man. so underrated.

  • http://Website phil bartlett

    damn sooo good

  • http://Website nik