Van Doren Invitational Finals Video

Van Doren Invitational: FINALS – More BMX Videos

Check out some highlights from the Van Doren Invitational finals that went down yesterday. Daniel Sandoval took the win in front of Dennis Enarson and Chase Hawk. Hawk also won best line and Brian Foster won best trick with a crazy 270 transfer into the deep bowl and that’s what’s good. Long live the Blue Falcon!

13 thoughts on “Van Doren Invitational Finals Video

  1. Bri I told you you had it, don't put yourself down you shred like no other. Who else drops the socks and shoes to drain a bowl haha

  2. BF and K-rob; compare the pair. Same age, and around the same time on the scene. One is a washed up sell out that has fallen out of relevance and into the realms of obscurity, and the other remains relevant, continues to be reverred by people who are young enough to be his kids, and in 2013, is capable of winning best trick amidst double flips and flat spin 900's. We love you, BF.

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