Tyler Fernengel 2013

When an video starts with a roof drop to rail you know its going to be a good one! 17 year old Tyler Fernengel with the must-watch video of the day!

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53 thoughts on “Tyler Fernengel 2013

  1. Watching this section made me consider how much of an impact the internet has had on BMX over the past few years. Notice, firstly, that I called this a 'section' and not an 'edit'. Is there really anywhere to draw the line when DVDs end up going online and getting a stronger viewership eventually anyway?

    Not to stir the DVD-vs-web pot for the millionth time, but just as we were worried that almost every up and coming street rider was a foam-pit-trainee turned California Stair Counter, out comes this ridiculous video full of enders from a kid many of us have probably never heard of on a crop of unique spots, and at seventeen years old to top it off. Seeing this go straight to web really seems like a scratch in DVD's everlasting armour.

    While the niche will remain forever, it's starting to look like some of the best sections of the year are all appearing online (and NOT going 'right down the internet garbage disposal').

    • When I started riding (1986-87), the only way we could get videos was by one friend (who lived 50 miles away; we still had 4 years before we could get a driver's license) had a copy of a copy of a video on VHS tape.

      Somehow that friend would get ahold of that copy, and dub a copy of that copy. We had ZERO money, so we used whatever VHS tape we could find. We had AggroMan on VHS that was taped over my friend's mom's housemate's porno. So every time we wanted to watch a riding video (which we watched over and over and over again), we saw 10 seconds of Ron Jeremy pluggin' away at a chick with 80's hair.

      I remember how pumped I was when my mom bought me "101 Freestyle Tricks". That videos is free on youtube now.

      Our creativity was pretty limited back in those days, because all we had was one or two videos to watch over and over and over again. I remember thinking a hang-5 was just pulling the front brake and endo'ing on your peg – it took months before I ever knew it was a rolling trick (finally learned them in 1989). So, we would try to do every trick in that video (except the vert stuff, because we didn't have access to ramps or parks in Santa Cruz at that time).

      Pro riders seemed like a million light years away from us, and we felt like we were on an island, only communicated with through weird, bad-quality VHS tapes and a monthly subscription to Freestylin' magazine.

      Cherish what you guys have here. I do. It's amazing that the newest, most insane trick, is accessible to all – almost moments after it happens. This inspires progress and brings up riders at an exponential rate.

      While us old guys wax nostalgic over "back in the days" these truly are the best days for BMX. A lot of that is because of the accessibility through the internet.

  2. Wtf the clip @ 2:09 scared me more than almost anything i have seen in a bmx edit before.

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