Ty Bement Edit

Ty Bement from Matt Hovermale on Vimeo.

Ty Bement stunts it up at four parks in just two days to make this edit.

  • http://Website Nate

    i think its funny how this kid can do a double whip. But cant manual a ledge right.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aldo-Ruiz/100000292623138 Aldo Ruiz

      Right?!? ahahah

      I didn’t want to be the one to call it out but..

    • http://Website haha

      thats true, hes good not gonna lie in his own way. But he looks so awkward rolling around on his bike like as if his bars are way too high or something, something needs to be fixed on that bike.

  • http://Website DIXONDEFENDER

    Hovermale’s the official H.O.V.A.

  • http://Website tim

    i only saw 3 different parks. eisenberg, lewisville, and allen?

  • http://Website b dodd

    Yoo Ty! See ya soon!!

  • http://Website z

    sick feeble on the ledge! str33t skills!

  • http://Website pp guuuuuuuuuuuuuy

    why is it that niggers act just like monkeys? fuck i wish they would all just fucking die or burn in fucking hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website jupitar

      jealous much?

  • http://Website awesome

    i cant wait to see his dew tour run in 2016

  • http://Website qbix

    this song is so shitty

  • http://Website lee

    dude has more correction hops on that backwheel then a brakeless rider, besides that he throws down

  • http://Website ty

    Thanx for the comment guy good and bad, most of the clipse set one take and on to the next one… we were very strapped for time… aldo! Punching u on the wiener bro

  • http://Website ellis


  • http://Facebook.com/bmxhope Jacob hope

    that’s my friend man fuck y’all. it’s so
    terrible he can’t ride how you want him to. this is so different from all this lame ass all same shitty tricks. he’s a good dude nice friend.

  • http://Website me

    Superman to tailtap on the subbox WHAT! Who does that? haters kids probably can’t even barspin.

  • http://Website melanie

    Tys my bro n everyone needs to quit hatin
    Yall wish you could ride good as.him boooyahh!!

  • http://Website Matt

    Everyone remember this is the come up. If its not a feeble to smith hard 180 on a foot tall ledge then it doesnt count. These kids ride slower that a school zone and just talk shit on videos.

  • http://Website epil

    I hope you know that too many films burns just gave my epileptic son a seizure and he just died. I hope your happy.

  • http://Website matt

    sweet ridin ty. i love how you cant even make an edit anymore without kids talkin shit about every little thing they see. .