Ty Bement Edit

Ty Bement from Matt Hovermale on Vimeo.

Ty Bement stunts it up at four parks in just two days to make this edit.


0 thoughts on “Ty Bement Edit

  1. Thanx for the comment guy good and bad, most of the clipse set one take and on to the next one… we were very strapped for time… aldo! Punching u on the wiener bro

  2. that’s my friend man fuck y’all. it’s so
    terrible he can’t ride how you want him to. this is so different from all this lame ass all same shitty tricks. he’s a good dude nice friend.

  3. Everyone remember this is the come up. If its not a feeble to smith hard 180 on a foot tall ledge then it doesnt count. These kids ride slower that a school zone and just talk shit on videos.

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