The Mass BMX Show: Drew Bezanson & Friends.

Ah man. Lots of good stuff going on in here including Drew Bezanson really actually being a robot, Chris Z getting called out for his pegs (you’re dead, Brian) and Jeff Dupaul calling tricks out long distance. Special appearance from Craig Passero towards the end.

While we’re on the topic, who won this? The Mass BMX Show: Laser Contest. Oh wait, it has to be this kid… haha.

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  • Christopher Long
  • http://Website jack

    id rather watch this anyday over vital big bmx show!

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    • http://Website Jacko


  • http://Website pancakes

    is jeff dupaul a fag?

    • http://Website Master Shake

      Yeah, or some hipster teen girl

    • http://Website velvetpancakes

      jeff depaul looks like an ugly fat scean chick and i heard he loves to suck the cock

  • http://Website woodstock street

    Brian still rockin the levis shirt hahaha

  • http://cllearheads full melt bubble

    what an embarrasment to mass. you’re the bill buckner of bmx.

    • Christopher Long

      aww u mad

  • http://Website JP

    Your riding their park so I think that makes you the fag