The Making Of Stay Fit 28.

This time features Russ Barrone and Shawn Garrett riding some Brooklyn spots and talking about the upcoming Fit video.

Previously: The Making Of Stay Fit 29 |

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  1. those tucks were weak! and agreed on rasta being gay. I know its supposedly a lifestyle, but all that lifestyle is, is smoking. nothing more, they just want an excuse to smoke.

    • dude who needs an excuse to smoke? roll that shit, light that shit, smoke that shit… fucking noob


  3. Ay Shawn, how bout you quit holding Russ back!! All that we do shit as a pair jazz…..get over it man, people want him to rep and not you. Not very ras of you to hold back your brother like that

    • it’s so frustrating trying to read a sentence that makes absolutely no sense. it happens all too often on here.

  4. so much flow an fun deff wat riding is about an here comes the jockjam football comments ”holding russ back” from wat this aint the nhl hockey draft the people who sponsor them love them their great dudes on an off the bike an get the same love as indivuals rasta is a movement of divine beings doing divine doings bmx is one of many life activites promoting righteous moves

    • You obviously are “in the know” about everything here, please enlighten me more about your friends situation and tell me how to properly rape a culture while I prepare your “I Am Special” trophy.

    • ive known both of these kids since way before they even thought about becoming rastafarian, and its alot more than just smoking weed and having dreads and saying “jah mon”. so at least know some truth before you talk shit on people much less a religion

  5. Rasta is cool. No disrespect, but fuck street. I’m so sick of watching sketchy manuals, bullshit 180′s, and street nibbling. When will this awful trend be over ???

    • i hope the trend will end soon too. this is coming from a street rider now. i’m bored of seeing the same tricks and same styles, it was much better when the media just left us alone to do our sketchy tricks.




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