The Bay Area Derailleurs.

  • pissed ass nigga

    dykes like crazy oh and nice gap micheal strahan

    • FDON

      im texting you right now,

  • dirty1

    yo is the a gang form the warriors movie

  • chill

    gap tooth babe

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  • bushey45

    i’d holler

  • FDON

    i would plow every single one of them

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  • Nico Penitenti

    i fucking hate hippies

  • http://Website Scala

    fucking disgusting feminist hippies, someone should steal they’re bicycles, they dont even deserve to dance on a skateboard

  • Terrible1

    um, im from the bay area and what the hell is this


    That made me uncomfortable.

  • unkle jetski

    i got an eco friendly tip…. go kill yourselves. if these bitches were dead we’d all have more air to mix with our cigarette smoke
    seein these dykes makes me hate every chick or dude fag thats into saving the enviroment

    i love oil, cars , smog , cars and shit thats bad for the enviro

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  • dgf

    fuck. i live in the bay area. i hope i never see these enviro-whores

  • will

    thats lame haha there probibly potheads

  • Agent Chaos

    Your disgusted surprise is childish.
    You will come around and realize that we are bad ass bitches.
    Jumping to conclusions and following other peoples ideas only makes you lame.
    But, for some reason, I feel that you should know another side of us so you feel stupid.

  • Bike Dancers Suck

    Biltwell (McGoo’s other company) actually makes helmets…so yeh, SNAFU could (sorta) sponsor these dorks

  • unkle jetski

    i bet these bitches drink they own pee

    even having the desire to “look different ” and be a “freak” is pretty dumb…
    guaranteed they work at coffee shops, bike shops, shit were they make minimum wage and talk about how cool it is to be a chic with a shaved head… what a waste of a vagina

    just think about it.. somewhere there is a bunch of men with a kitchen full of dishes cause them hoes aint home doin chic stuff