TCU Premiere – We Out Here Full Video

TCU is really happy to premiere the WE OUT HERE video. This independent project was produced by the good Spanish guys over at La Costa Norte and filmed/edited by Fernando Gomarín Olaiz. Huge shout out to Fer for letting us premiering this and also to the crew for killing it in the BCN street!

Filmed in the streets of Barcelona between July and November 2013, this 30min video includes full sections from Ema Scutella, Matias Lasgoity, Michael Smelko, Benoit Van De Geutche and Diego “Mono” Navarro. It also features 2 homies sections including riding from Eddie Baum, Carlo Hoffman, Matty Long, Lucas Murillo, “Pajaro”, Eric Sans, Nick Tansley, Fernando Gomarín, Santiago Arano, Leandro Arano, Tomi Gallardo, Simone Barraco, Tony Ennis, Ty Morrow and Garrett Reynolds.