TCU Premiere: Mike Jonas Volume Video.

1) Mike Jonas is smart. Really smart. He’s created and sold profitable internet businesses from scratch, he works for me keeping The Come Up operational and implementing design/SEO changes and he has helped me learn a lot over the past few months that we’ve been friends/co-workers.

2) Mike Jonas is really good at riding bikes. You’ll see that in this edit. As smart as he is, apparently most of that goes out the window when it’s time to ride because he does some things that are just outrageous. He wears a helmet though, which is smart.

3) This is Mike’s new edit. He filmed it where he lives (the Bay area) as well as on a trip to Arizona for his sponsor, Volume in between working on his upcoming MARKIT section. It’s pretty crazy. You should watch it, then go like Volume on Facebook and follow Mike on Twitter.

Thanks for watching.

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