TCU Premiere: Good Day Bad Day (Full DVD)

“So GOOD DAY BAD DAY is a full DVD filmed mainly in and round the Denver area but clips also filmed in Arizona, New Mexico, south Dakota, and Barcelona. Filmed from 2012-2013.

Directed And Produced by: Dustin Arp

Filmed by: Dustin Arp, Anton Zamora, Justin Benthien, and Jacob Lowe

Riders: Adrian Vigil, Anton Zamora, Jacob Lowe, Derek Dial, John Able, Mike Meister, Ted Van Orman, Joe Poisson, Dustin Arp, Collin Post, Sam Bussell, Evan Johnson, David Fruend, Justin Benthien, Joe Robinson, Billie Fox, Gavin Malcolm, Derek Cano, Clay Johnson, Robbie Owen, Paul Smith, Andrew Waytashek, Johnny Atencio, Brad Simms, Dan Peterson, Mario Carrasco, Dan Nielson, Cory Wiergowski, Josh Dunn, and Tremaine Stewart”