TCU Megatour Video.

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Props uploaded this section from the Megatour DVD for us… it features Rory Ellis, Chase Dehart, Jake Seeley, Ben Hittle, Blackman and Muffinman. In some ways, it was the worst trip of my life, but in other ways it was awesome and we had a real good time.

Also we have a poll going on TCUB to see which Road Fools will be uploaded next Friday! Go here, vote, and next Friday a section of your choosing will be uploaded.

  • http://Website lager

    luc-e to 360 what the fuck??!

  • http://Website chad p


  • http://ht Michael

    adam22 had like 2 clips. they were on two little ledges. haha,

    blackmans the shit!

    • adam

      uprail = little ledge

    • http://Website meh

      uprail = Adam being afraid of going down the rail.

      Every clip I’ve seen of the guy on a handrail he is going up. Please correct me if I’m wrong with some clips or pictures.

    • http://Website Michael


    • http://Website Name (required)

      stop calling him 22 it sounds really fucking gay aha

  • http://ht Michael

    same thing,..little.

  • http://Website stz4trz

    my nigga chase!

  • http://Website Blackjack13


    Hittle’s the shit.

    • http://Website b

      you accidentally wrote ‘the’ in the last sentence.

  • http://Website jj

    was it shitty cause you get jumped at every bmx event you go to adam?

  • http://Website lol@

    i’m pretty sure if any of you saw adam you would not confront him, and sure as hell would not fight him. but that vid was sick. that dudes ears were a bit too big though.

    • http://Website Michael

      i wasnt saying i would fight him, just sayin that he grinds tiny stuff,…got it guy.

    • http://Website Gregory Dickson

      You can’t fight him because he’s a sucker punching little bitch. And if you do go after him, he’ll pull a knife on you. Dude’s a straight up bitch.

  • http://nonewhats cheesy

    whats that song dudes? crazy stuff there

  • Facebook User

    I love how everyone talks shit on Adam. If I’m not mistaken, he never even claims to be a good rider, he’s not sponsored or anything. He just runs a blog? Besides, he’s definitely better than me and probably most everyone else who comments frequently.

    • MR. MORIS


    • http://u-r-gay.cum eleventeen

      ty briley get ur facts right

  • http://Website XXX( . )( . )XXX


  • http://Website thomas

    lol. uprail to can-lander

  • http://nonewhats cheesy

    cant find that song sorry

    • http://Website lol@

      really? cause i can’t imagine it’s called the come up or anything.

  • http://Website franklin

    only good part was jake, & chase

    just the “thug” vibe from your stupid editing skills, whoever makes these videos

    get this gangster shitttt away from bmx

    adammsss a twot waffle

    • http://Website Name (required)

      franklin has never left his cozy little house in the nice safe suburbs.

  • http://Website pantsuit

    really?…… a luc-e 3?…. fuuuuuuuuuck haha

  • http://Website matthias

    Rory! monster 30mph bank to wallcruise was tits.

  • http://Website timmy

    chase d is soooooo bad ass

  • http://Website Pierre

    Song ?