Skaters Call Security On Riders In Barcelona.

Earlier this week our dude Frenchie was out on Barcelona on a We Are Orange Juice trip and almost got into an altercation with a group of locals, including pro skater Jesus Fernandez, at the famous MACBA museum. It just so happened that the Ride Channel was following Jesus around that day and included some of what went down in their coverage of XGames. Instead of it coming to a fight, Jesus* Daniel Lebron pulls the ultimate bitch move and gets security to kick the group of riders out. I’ve heard of some crazy shit skaters have done to keep bikes out of “their parks” and “their spots”, but I could never imagine actually alerting the people we’re all trying to avoid and having them kick someone out of a spot. What would you do in this situation? Would you call security on a group of dudes on scooters or rollerblades?

*Update: The dude who actually called security is Daniel Lebron, not Jesus Fernandez. And in a strange twist, Daniel actually apologized! Frenchie sent this thru earlier today:

@frenchiebmx @stijnstaal Hey i apolozagi what happen..these guy made the video is stupid for making it..i have friends that bike too..just o saw you guys having an argument with my friends when i came..dont have nothing against bikers.. Sorry for the missunderstand”

This was also spotted on Daniel Lebron’s twitter feed: