Robbie Madison’s AIR.CRAFT Video

I can’t recall ever seeing an MX edit on TCU, but this is so amazing, I had to post it. Robbie Madison, DC and Red Bull combined their resources to turn an airplane graveyard into a Bakery of sorts; fashioning planes and plane parts into rideable obstacles. While the concept sounds simple, this is so next level and came out so well, it’s anything but. Don’t sleep on this, just hit play!

Also, check out a behind the scenes edit from the premiere after the jump, with cameos from a bunch of the DC BMX team, Alfredo Mancuso and Adam22. I bet that was a hell of a party!


18 thoughts on “Robbie Madison’s AIR.CRAFT Video

  1. Why do "epic" videos like this always have to be ruined by a credits section that is almost half the video length? Maybe I am out of touch with the appreciation for the people who put in work to make the video happen but its a real bother when you have a video over 5 minutes and more than 20%(almost 50%) of the video is credits.
    That being said I enjoyed the gnar gnar.

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