RIP Cardinal Bikes.

It’s been common knowledge for a while, but it’s finally been made official: Cardinal are done:

“We got killed by the owner of Primo who owned us and shut us down — it sucks for everyone involved. Tip Plus might have a few [frames] left in the warehouse if you call them.”

I’m sure someone will take the time to write a proper eulogy at some point but here’s the short version:

Cardinal was born (with some hooplah) and put out a frame with a weird dropout set up that nobody wanted that fixed a problem nobody had.

Then then put together a hodgepodge team. When I heard Eman and Boy were on, I thought that it was a sign of good things to come. Maybe Cardinal could be a west coast Animal but for frames. A hardcore west coast street brand is still basically an unfilled niche. But then it was announced that Nate Moroshan (who was also the TM) and John Heaton were on the team as well. No offense to either of them, but I highly doubt that combination of riders ever made any sense to anyone besides Nate himself.

Numerous forgettable web videos followed, some better than others, all .

And then at some point you have to assume that someone at TIP Plus asked: why are Cult (who TIP distribute) selling so much stuff and Cardinal isn’t? The short answer is, of course, that Cult made stuff kids wanted and Cardinal just didn’t.