Red Bull – Kriss Kyle In Dubai

Red Bull sent BSD’s Kriss Kyle out to Dubai to film a wild follow up to his sensational Kaleidoscope video from a few years back. Dubai’s streets seem like they were built for Kriss to shred, some of these spots are unreal! Video starts off with a caveman out of a helicopter and ends with a gap onto a moving boat so yeah, it’s pretty epic

Kriss also did a quick Q&A you can read after the jump!

Hey, Kriss. Long time no see. Glad to see you continue to push the envelope of always debuting amazing new video projects with the help of Red Bull. What’s it feel like to have such a big imagination and have a brand help you manifest those dreams?

It feels incredible and I still can’t believe it. It sounds pretty cheesy but I was gonna say I still can’t believe that I’m part of like, Red Bull. You know what I mean, like it’s crazy to be a kid growing up and buying cans of Red Bull and being out riding and stuff. It’s just incredible to now have my own face on a can and stuff like that. I feel like Red Bull are just like a big dream machine. You fire all your dreams at this machine and no matter how crazy they are and how wacky they are, they’ll come back with you like yes, we can do that! It’s just crazy to have a company like that behind me that’s backed me the whole way, that makes all these things that I really want to do become possible.

What was the idea going into this project, were you trying to incorporate some of the elements of the Kaleidoscope Project to make it bigger and better or do something different altogether?

Just something completely different altogether. I mean, I’ve always liked Kaleidoscope but was doing dream tricks that I’ve always wanted to do and building dream things to make it happen. As soon as we had the idea of the helicopter jump I just wanted to ride that and enjoy riding around the rest of the city.

You’ve always had a unique vision for spots, what is it that helps you find some of the craziest setups you’ve seemed to stumble upon? Are you just constantly looking at rooftops and always scouting for cool spots?

Yeah like any BMXer, I feel like we’re all actually insane because, you can’t escape your office, like even when you go on holiday or wherever you are you’re constantly walking down the street and looking at grinding a rail or looking at wall riding. Even on holiday, I’ve taken photos of spots. I wonder when I’m 60 years old, if I’m still gonna be doing that?! So, constantly looking for spots and I have ideas in my head for tricks that would be cool to do, dream setups but it’s just finding them and it’s just scouting all around the world, just trying to hit them off one by one.

I see you rockin’ brakes in this video, was this specifically for this project or are you joining the brake squad in 2019?

This was just for the project but, I really enjoyed having it on and I wouldn’t have been able to do the heli-jump and stop in time without it. And also, for riding the flumes in the water park, they were just too steep to ride brakeless and I would’ve ended up flying out the side of one without it. So I had to have it on for that and then, instead of having it on for one or two clips, I thought I’d just have it on for the whole video for continuity. I really enjoyed having it on, it was an eye opener so I am thinking I might put one on at some time soon, just to see what happens really, kind of freshen it up a bit, a breath of fresh air really, keep it fresh and fun.

Flying in the helicopter was pretty epic, was it as terrifying jumping out of that as it was to land on that narrow rooftop and then off the landing pad into the narrow landing?

It was all one big terrifying thing because it was like, the jump was scary enough by itself but then I also had only 3-4 metres to land and then get in between those two pillars and then hit the second drop. So, for that reason, man it felt twice as good when it all ended. So it was all worth it.

I know you and Matty Lambert work on a lot of projects together. Do you guys share in responsibilities of the creation of the video?

Yeah. I was the director of this one as well. I trust Matty 100% so anyway he wants to do it, I’ll trust him no matter what because he always makes my ride come across the way I want it to be presented and he does a great job of that. So I trust him 100% and I know he’ll tell me in his head, what he wants, and his ideas and show me videos that he’s done that he thinks will be cool to kind of do something similar with. I’m always 100% with him no matter what and he’s like I said before, he’s really good to work with. He listens to me and we feed off each other and he gets equally stoked when I do something that is nuts, so we just feed off each other.

Whats next?

Planning more projects and then I’ve got another huge project at the end of this year which will be my biggest one yet and hopefully my new number one video! Basically I just want to push the limits more and more!

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