Props Best Of 1999

This is some prime time Saturday viewing right here courtesy of Props. If any of the guys below are or have been your favorite riders at some point or another, you’re gonna love this. I miss this era in BMX so damn much!

Featuring Josh Stricker, Dave Osato, Joe Rich, Chad Kagy, Mike Escamilla, Gonz, Dave Freimuth, Mike Ardelean, Ruben Alcantara, Ruel Erickson, Chris Hallman, Chris Duncan, Jay Miron, Zeb Williams, Jimmy Levan, Ian Morris, Cory Nastazio, Andrew Faris, Nate Wessel, Jamie Spritzer, Taj Mihelich, Brian Kachinsky, Ralph Sinisi, Afro Pat, Jim Rienstra, Chris Doyle, Ryan Corrigan, Tom Haugen, Marcus Wilke, Scott Wirsch, Ryan Nyquist, Punjab, Joey Garcia, Troy McMurray, Stuart King, Josh Heino, Jamie Bestwick, Bristol, Butcher, Kris Bennett, Garrett Byrnes, Pat Juliff, Dennis McCoy, Mike Tag, Mat Hoffman, John Parker, Shawn Dorton, Ron Kimler, Todd Walkowiak, Mike Griffen, Shaun Butler, Fuzzy, Dave Mirra, Clay Brown, Luke Norton, Jerry Galley, Matti Rose, Jason Enns, Mike Andrews and more.