Proper Bike Co “Picture Box” Trailer

Proper Bike Co – Picture Box – Trailer from IMG TV on Vimeo.

Trailer for the forthcoming Proper DVD entitled Picture Box. Featuring Shaun Jinks, Alex Platt, Gav Shortall, Mike Miller, Janis Cunculis, Shane Rieder, Mike Mastroni, Max Wood, Dan Figg + Friends.”- Proper

  • Drew O

    No Dom Trovato? :(

  • http://Website Sergeant Ramirez

    Proper had the blast shield on while filming this video

    • http://Website andrew


    • http://Website :)


    • http://Website :)

      its funny cus the first comment is ridiculous

  • La Cucina Italiana

    that looks fucking awesome.

    • nickbott

      sooo goood.

  • http://Website dodson

    They should’ve held on to swafford! dude is beast

  • http://Website sean

    dude blasts off the screen at 0:09. video looks intense. nice to see some people riding with speed

  • damn

    sick man. i feel like this video was just right to get you pumped. not too over the top dramatic, and all the spots look super unique and riden in a good way. ive never followed proper but ill check this for sure