Press Rewind: Half And Half (2005)

Found this one hiding in my DVD binder the other day and I’m glad I did. This video is really underrated as far as the classic FBM videos go (and just underrated in general). I’m not going to give any timestamps because the whole thing is ridiculous and you should watch it start to finish, but know the video contains these things: Mike Tag backwards grinding a 20+ stair curved cement downledge, a loop made out of pallets (yes, really), Ron Kilmer 270 fastplanting to smith on a sub-box, guys jumping a golf cart over doubles, Dave King (ain’t shit) does an insane feeble grind laterally across 3 rails, Billy Ashby footage, Derrick Gerard footage, and Tony Hamlin hits em with a big euro-gap/drop-in on a Razor scooter. Watch this and get inspired to raise some hell this weekend on and off the bike.