Nigel Sylvester – Mad Transit Audacity Clip

This is a look into what went into making this photo of Nigel Sylvester hopping over the subway tracks in NYC. Now, I’m sure some of you may have seen the photo buzzing around the interweb already but may not know that this photo was taken first. With ABD’s being so vehemently frowned upon these days, it caused quite a controversy yesterday and I had to do some digging and find out what the deal was. Turns out, the skate photo, taken by Allen Ying, is in the 3rd installment of an independent skateboard magazine called 43 – it’s super hip (and cool). It’s shot on film, is pretty lackluster and kinda looks like it came out of a disposable camera. (Note the photo from the NY mag was probably taken with a cellphone and I have yet to see Issue 3 in person.) The photo of Nigel, is way more dialed and unfortunately had to happen after “the original”. What do you think about 13th Witness’ photo?

‘Mad Transit Audacity’ featuring Nigel will be released in it’s entirety on June 13th.

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28 thoughts on “Nigel Sylvester – Mad Transit Audacity Clip

  1. its an amazing tribute to what was already done. as long as it hasn't been claimed as nbd I think they did a great thing. If you look at it in the right light everything has already been done, going back and doing it with a better process and better technology makes it unique. Before a skateboarder did it someone has probably done it by just jumping across, maybe there isn't a picture of it but that doesn't mean it hasn't already been done.

  2. Just because it's skateboard and is in a "hip" magazine, doesn't mean you have to talk down on it or start a debate. The photo you posted is a photo of a print, probably shot with a phone. Hence why the quality is so shit. Google Allen Ying and see for yourself. Dude has got to be one of the best skateboard photographers out there. None of his photos are "lackluster" as you described.

    Nigel's photo is dialed, sure. Is it better, depends what you're into. Both are great. If Nigel's photo would have been shot first and published in The Albion and a couple months later that skate photo showed up on the interweb I'm sure it would have caused the same controversy.

    Does it even matter that a skater did it first? No. Photo wise, yes to a certain extent. Nigel's photo is pretty much a replica but on bmx, even if I'm sure it wasn't their intention. If a rider films a trick at the same spot that's already been done, people talk shit. Now a skater does it first, and it's okay that a rider shoots the same photo? Or just because you consider it a better photograph?

    There's a world outside of bmx. Get over it.

    • i think what is more offensive is the photograph is nearly the same, just swapped a skater for a biker. Much respect to nigel and the original skater and photographer.

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