Mike Tag Cancer Benefit in Ft. Wayne Video

This past weekend, Steve Crandall and the FBM crew traveled to Ft. Wayne, Ind. to host another round of benefits for Mike Tag. This time out, the 4910 Trails hosted the event, and although there were no long jump contests involving a man in a Cookie Monster costume, there was riding from the likes of Scotty Yoquelet, Jeremy Ball, Herb Hill, Chris Gerber and more. Many years ago, Crandall and Mike Tag lived in the Ft. Wayne area, and it was there that that the original idea for FBM was established, so it’s nice to see the local scene, both old and new faces, giving back to a BMX legend. Video by Stew Johnson, also originally of Ft. Wayne. All proceeds from the event went to Mike Tag’s cancer fund, which is still accepting donations.“- ESPN

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