Man Confronts Dude For Stealing His Bike.

LOL @ the security guards not giving a shit.

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    • http://Website Jeremy Unger

      fuck that dudes voice is annoying.

    • Nico Penitenti

      gotta love hipster fixie guys

    • http://Website Lawrence Taylor

      As annoying as his voice was, he has some balls willing to almost take a beating from Ice Money

    • http://Website the truth

      1- That asshole is why people call black people niggers, take that fucking “grill” off your teeth, stop stealing shit and get a fucking job. Obviously your aren’t about shit, you would’ve nailed dude as soon as he walked up.

      2- Those asshole security guards were covering for that piece of shit. They didn’t see shit when the lock was being cut, but their eyes were open when the man tried to stop him from leaving. (see 6 for the reason why)

      3- The bike owner is a pussy, should have kept his mouth shut, walked up calm and restrained that piece of shit. Your property is being stolen and you can defend it, no beating up, just restraint.

      4- This is why everyone who’s halfway intelligent, and lives in an “urban” area, surrounded by pieces of shit like this, should take a simple self defense class, or even some classes on restraint techniques. Almost every ignorant “hood” dumbass will keep his hands down at his sides and puff out his chest when confronted with conflict, this is a pretty easily handled.

      5- Holding/restraining someone who is either damaging or attempting to steal your property is 100% legal. Too bad in this case, those ignorant ass security guards would probably have tried to help that piece of shit.

      6- Ignorant black people like to do shit like this, even though they don’t know each other, if it’s defending anyone who isn’t “ghetto” black, you’re fucked. They will even fuck over other black people who aren’t “hood”. Welcome to the real world, people from “urban” environments are getting worse and worse by the day. Take it from me, I’m a teacher in Detroit.

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      all those niggers

    • http://Website fuck

      those dumb ass niggers god damn

  • http://Website hitler

    stupid fukkin nigs.

    • Joshuah Staab

      fuck you. its 2010. get passed the race shit. there are plenty of white trash pieces of shit out there too… sounds like u r one of them.

    • http://Website josh likes to be blackballed

      yo by the look of your facebook you’re one of them haha!!

    • http://Website tomem

      there uncivilized

    • http://Website rat

      i cant even watch videos like these cause they get me so fired up. i live in ny and havent gotten a bike stolen yet, i have a serious lock and i take my bike up EVERY TIME. if i come back and see a dude touching my bike you get no warning shot, i pick up the nearest brick and spike it into the back of your head. while your on the ground convulsing i take my bike and leave you to die. true fucking story.

    • http://Website eddy

      haha stfu race shit is still around because all koons are the same

  • http://Website True Story Bro

    blacks are good for two things… stealing and filling our prisons.

    • http://Website blahblag

      jiggaboo justice

  • Joshuah Staab

    hahah “get out of here before you get beat up.”

    • http://Website joshuah slutface

      haha oh no please dont beat us up on the come up oh nooooooes.


    • Joshuah Staab

      that wasnt a threat, that was a quote from the video. pay attention faggot.

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      Stop posting comments, let alone going back to look for responses on your comment. Stay on facebook prick.

    • http://Website nigger balls

      ahahaha and your girl looks a little hood too dueche. dont take yourself so seriously you’re a joke. lol

      ps your tattoo is really lame.

    • Joshuah Staab

      i am completely depended on what you think of my tattoo, and whomever it is you think is my girl??? I also need further instruction on what to do. thank you for your instructions “lil kid with a fake name” i will go back to checking my facebook, becasue I am lame. the millions of members of facebook probably make it lame and since I will assume you are too cool for facebook and other social acceptable networks we should all feel like losers. have a good day “squirt/sport/kiddo/bud”

    • http://Website oh my

      you’re depended? i think this guy may actually be a bigger pussy than the fixie kid in this video :)

    • http://Website baats

      wow people on the come up can be really mean. haha at this guys spelling though.

  • http://Website dirty harry

    1. dudes voice is annoying as fuck
    2. black guy trying to steal bike is obvious pussy just talking shit and not doing anything
    3. other black guys are pussy for not stopping the other pussy black guy
    4. nothing remotely entertaining happened in this video

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  • http://Website Name (required)

    long beach community college hahahahahahahahaha

    • http://Website Waif

      Haha I know! I hope I see this pussy at school so I can tell him that I saw him being a pussy on the internet.

  • http://Website Carl Winslow

    Security guards were seriously useless. No wonder nobody respects them. Pussies

  • http://Website Lil John

    The thieves ice grill is hilarious LOL

  • http://Website Joey Cobbs

    I love the 24hr surveillance sign behind the dude

    nobody saw shit man. that lock fell off by itself. -

  • http://Website 730dips

    SMH @ YOU for posting wshh vids

  • http://Website taint

    fucking bitch ass motherfucking ghetto trash someone should look this cocksucker up go to his house take his motherfucking welfare check and tear that shit up. fuck the world.

    get a fucking job you useless piece of shit.

  • james covington

    that got me fired up. those assholes deserved to get the fuck beat out of them

  • http://Website Jon Solo

    That guy definitely has been assaulted before…FOR HAVING AN ANNOYING FUCKING VOICE!!!

  • http://Website Double D

    I would’ve punched that nigga in the face, and look his grill. Then smacked the gay ass security guard in the face!!

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  • http://Website J

    I’ve seen countless people try to get away with this on other people’s bikes, my advice is to get a gun for sure, you dont have to shoot it, but it would make the guy empty his wallet and go fuck himself.

  • http://Website James

    “You don’t think I’ve been assaulted before?” Hahaha way to big himself up.

  • http://Website sleepless

    what a tool, you got the bike now shut the fuck up and go buy yourself another lock.

    • http://Website anonymous

      You must be a nigger.

  • http://Website say

    everyone in this video is a cunt.

  • http://Website jeff d

    fucking nigggggas so ignorant

  • http://msn will

    if we were there riding they would kick us out but they wont call the cops for a nigger steelin a bike wtf is wrong with society

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    • http://Website whereiswaldo

      For real. They wouldn’t hesitate to call the cops on a rail being done or whatever but when a real conflict occurs that actually matters they puss out. so gay. when i turn 21 i’m getting my concealed carry license. this kind of thing won’t be an issue.

  • http://Website sa

    what a joke.

  • http://Website pancakes

    are you kidding me?? i would have beat the fucking shit out of that guy……….. “better leave before i beat you up”????? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!1

  • http://Website anonymous

    I fucking hate black people I take shits on a daily basis that look and smell better.

  • http://Website confused

    Good job puting down the steriotype

  • http://Website skeet

    Fact is, Step the fuck up. You shoulda knocked those gold teeth right out of his mouth and put them in your pocket. See how he likes it. Sit there and act like a pussy. You deserve to get your bike lifted.
    Black, White, Green , purple. Color shouldn’t matter. Stand up for yourself

    • http://Website anonymous

      You are a nigger.

    • Mike Hines

      I think he did stand up for himself. By the way he sounds I don’t think he would of knocked any teeth out. He probably would have broken his own hand on that grill. That dude in the red jersey was looking for a fight and seemed to be the lookout for his buddy. Rentals were scared more than the fixie dude.

  • http://Website limp black dick

    yeah step up and get the shit beat out of you by three dumbass motherfuckers?. you know the moment a fight broke out those fucking nates would have jumped right in.

  • http://Website Bobby

    i need a cigarette.

  • http://u-r-gay.cum eleventeen

    typical black wannabe gangsta.
    talks shit and never does nothing.

  • http://Website Mullet

    all the dude had to do was just keep quiet for a minute while going to find some sand or dirt from the floor or some shit… then just return back to the black guy, throw that shit in his face..blind him… and then just volley that sucker right in the japeye.
    then just ride off casually…
    much worse than just getting a “beating”
    maybe if you have the time too, piss on him while he’s down, or stick your fingers down your throat and vomit all over him
    play nasty.

  • http://Website Mullet

    and all you morons hating on blacks…
    stfu. nigel sylvester FTW

    • http://Website hoder is good

      nigel is not to be compared to these guys

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    blacks selling mio of albums, ending every fucking sentence with nigger, calling all people niggers…when somebody else says nigger…they are upset.
    Do you see germans calling them self Nazis?? why not? cuz only stupid fucks would call them self something, that they don´t actually want to hear…

  • http://Website triss

    fucking niggers

  • http://Website  Matthew

    So it’s alright for him to steal a bike and assault someone, but when someone puts their hands on him he complains? Fucking scum.

  • http://Website S4T4N

    the black adam22?

  • Casey Bowman

    That was some bogus ass shit! Dude should have gone to jail…but Man should have called the cops himself because he saw it! Why rely on someone else when you know you got the footy to prove that shit! Both people are dumb fucks!

  • http://Website lame

    Dumb ass guy for leaving his bike out there with an obvious cheaper than fuck lock…then confronting the guy and expecting someone to help him out??? Didn’t you notice you’re shopping in the ghetto part of long beach? Who is going to help your ass out? lol. Help yourself out fucker and call the cops or leave! The guy is stealing your bike…he’s not going to give you money for your weak ass lock!!! Lucky he didn’t “beat you up” lol.

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  • http://Website name

    it should be on the bike rack with all the other bikes. are you kidding me. i would show this to head security and get them fired for not doing their job

  • http://Website nigga killa!!

    One thing for sure, those gaurds kept their mouth shut because they were scared of the niggas coming back…half of them are all most likely in on in….and with niggas, they talk shit after shit after shit…if you’re gonna hit someone, do it…stop saying it. Nigga looks like a stupid pussy for talking shit and not doing a thing….

    Fuck, niggers…fucking gorilla apes…go back in the forest, ply on some trees and eat some bananas.

  • http://Website yogi

    thinking the dork with the bike would do any thing, never- no street smarts, putting himself in a situation he cant handle and doesnt really know it, but on the flipside, the street nigger was a bitch 2, u could hear it in his voice- letting that annoying white duche( gee, how could i tell!?!?) ramble on, what the fuck! the other homies- just hangin with nothin better 2 do than 2 be in someone elses shit! like africa bambada in the black sleevless- who the fuck asked his opinion on anything anyways!?!? but the worst of all that would make me swing is the rentojoke saying” why dont u put your bike in the rack?” getting a beatdown for being dounut flinger is already strike 1 and 2, but the comment is 3rd strike- and go for the knock out, u see….. wiat a minute,… i think theres a dude trying 2 steal my bike, time 2 go out and stand up for my 2.95 lock that just majicaly fell off me bike right next 2 a “nigga” with a gold tooth smile- must work for WORLDSTARHIPHOP.

  • http://Website Ken

    Why didn’t that guy just stomp the living shit out of the little turd, grab the lock and chain from the primate, and beat the shit out of those other two niggers with the lock. Either that, or one to the head for each one of them. This is part of the reason these inner city niggers think they can get away with this shit. Stop being such a pussy, and kick some nigger ass.