Lil Jeff & Ratkid Remix.

Wade Young posted this on the board, it’s a bunch of old footage of Lil Jeff and Ratkid from a few years back that they clocked while filming for Shook “It’s On”.

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  • schnell

    I always feel weird calling Mark Ratkid, Best dude to watch ride anything.

  • http://Website XMB

    KILLIN IT GSB REP !!!!!!

  • http://Website countgrishnakh

    regular bars and seat levels make me happy… finally bikes that aren’t scooters.

    • http://Website b

      the footage was filmed before those trends fully set in.

    • http://Website AndyG

      yeh if you whine about those “trends” then you’ld be crying if you saw lil jeffs setup like 2 yrs from then

  • Muffinman


  • http://Website bazooka

    ugliest fucking bike ever

    • http://Website myshirifi

      grow up

  • http://Website BMX BANDIT

    Yeh thats the shit! Sick vid!

  • Mike Purcell

    Trenton Projects is the sweetest spot though unless your some lilly white kids from the burbs then I wouldn’t suggest it.

    • http://Website uhh

      your white?

  • http://Website AndyG

    man i fuckin liked that way more than the actual shook video part. nice job on this wade!

    • http://Website me

      Agreed, there were so many awesome clips that were left out of the actual part. Like that smith to crankarm slide. Fuck chad shack sucks.

    • http://Website AndyG

      yeh that smith to crankarm was raw. alot of stuff that was in there got me stoked. abubaca to footjam fakie on the rail was unexpected

  • http://Website RICHARD

    What was that red frame?

    • http://Website braz

      sabbath or hamilton?

    • http://Website RICHARD

      It was neither. Anyone?

    • http://Website REX

      federal fraction

    • http://Website REX

      how tall is jeff kocsis??

  • http://Website Seymour Butts

    Thank god for the end of gussets on frames. so fucking ugly!

    • http://Website me

      You fucking pussy, why is everything about how good and clean shit looks nowadays?

    • http://Website countgrishnakh


  • http://Website bbmx

    smith the crankslide was dooooope

  • http://Website HOLY COCKNBALLS

    Am i the only one who cant get on the board?????

  • Prashant

    red frame = federal fraction

    • http://Website Braz

      looks like a standard tao.

  • http://Website chris

    sweet riding and filming.
    i live within riding distance from that school at 4:19, and they got rid of that rail right before the ledge

  • http://Website Brad

    If you dont think Hamilton has influenced bmx, then you didnt watch this

    • http://Website Dalebmx


  • http://Website andrew

    anyone know the song? i wanna know so that i never have to listen to it again..

  • http://Website nic

    no eye sores, and it was jam packed full of shit. i love it.

  • Anthony Villani

    im pretty sure its cash machine i forget the artist tho

  • http://Website REX

    How tall is lil’ jeff?/