Israel Madness

Jason Phelan just sent this over from his trip to Israel. Its only got a couple of clips in it but they are all really really good. And its a pretty funny watch if you looking to see some wild Israeli scenes. I guess the riders name is Pete Sawyer, here is the vimeo discription:

This is a video of all the random stuff i saw in isreal and peat shredding to a wacky song.

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  • Penis

    I’m perplexed, he’s a fucking beast, but he’s still Jew…

  • louis

    its pete sawyer.

  • 210ridingandgrinding

    Too many god damn jews in that video.

  • Zak

    So good and a lot better than what mutiny got out of Israel with their previous terrible edit.

  • gosh

    haha never thought i would hear this song in a bmx video

  • http://Website jonah

    180 on that skinny wave to fakie bars was too sick.

  • http://Website Nick

    Oi vey!!!

  • http://Website SteveO

    escht geile atzenparty eeeey

  • ernest says statutory rape should only be a misdemeanor

    holy shit that was awesome somehow

  • cmonnow!

    can someone explain why the rabi dudes rock back and forth like that? i mean what the fuck are they doing?

    • Gay

      Some Jew pedophile implemented that when they circumsize the baby jews they not only use their mouths to perform the circumcision but they also rock back and forth to get a chance to suck on the baby jew dick.

  • Reverend Al Sharpton

    Riding was sick. Religion is scary.

  • http://Website TREESIXTY

    i agree thats why i made it, sawyer from lost can ride a ki
    ds bike for sure hes even upstairs with a kid right now. BREAKFAST ANYONE

    • paul.



    i am agree…this is madness…