Instagram Slam 6 with Gabe Brooks, Sean Morr & Catfish.

For the sixth installment of Instagram Slam we got Gabe Brooks and Sean Morr to fire out some tricks at a skatepark in LA. Catfish read the comments off of the TCU Instagram and the guys got them done. Kelly Bolton showed up. Catfish did some tricks of his own. Everyone had a good time and thankfully Gabe restrained himself and didn’t beat the crap out of Catfish.

Filmed and edited by John Hicks.

And just because I like it, here’s last week’s Instagram Slam with the Merritt team and Mark Burnett:

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2 thoughts on “Instagram Slam 6 with Gabe Brooks, Sean Morr & Catfish.

  1. Unless it was edited out (im sure the ridiculous ones were), there was not one trick that these guys said no to. That is awesome.

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