Ian Schwartz Sunday Web Video.

Jim C claims this is the first section he’s edited in 8 years. It’s a bunch of leftover clips of Ian Schwartz from the upcoming Sunday video. This was all filmed 2 weeks ago in So Cal.

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0 thoughts on “Ian Schwartz Sunday Web Video.

  1. Does Ian Schwartz’s riding follow some sort of anti-progression?
    Every edit I see of him gets shitter and shitter.

    • the way freecoasters are being road now a days is all because of how ian rides his. with out him that freecoaster would still be in the “dark ages” and if you dont like the way he rides now then dont watch him.

  2. It’s a web edit kids, do you realize that the only reason half of these pro web edits come out is to keep the name fresh in your heads? Pros could care less about web edits, and use scraps for them. Sorry that it wasn’t his bangers from the Sunday DVD.

  3. the crankslide was awesome… the rest of the video looked like an amateur filmed his favorite clips. sorry but i hope his sunday video part is not the same type of clips. i want to see an upgrade from his props 51 bio.

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