How To Make A Fee Fee.

Dudes who use sex toys confuse me. Like at what point in your life are you jerking off and you just think… “this just isn’t good enough”. Anyway this dude Nails rides and spent a year in jail and apparently this is what he learned while there. Check out a video of his first day riding after a year in jail after the jump.

  • nickyd13

    AHHAHAHAHAHA omg a fe fe thats funny shit and beef jerky ahahha man o man

  • steezy


    • iz

      ahahhahha yeah! joe!

  • mobilejew

    real talk, that shit would be a hit in the cells, squeeking would be heard throughout the cell blocks

  • THE508

    too bad they dont have hot water in jail

    • jmartin

      shower . idiot.. we dont live in the stone age fool


    somebody took their time to upload this onto vimeo.. just think about that.

  • douche

    Nice tattoo idiot.

  • eleventeen

    wanna fuck a white and black plastic crow now?

  • nahhhhhh nahhhhh my nigg

    niggs getting clowned on

  • nahhhhhh nahhhhh my nigg

    prob got brutly ass raped by a nigger named big moe

    • wurd

      you are so fucking lame

  • happyharryhardon

    funny shit! u do wut u gotta do


    when the fee fee’s squeekin, don’t come creepin ahahaa

  • Bryce Buchanan

    prolly never went to jail.

    • blue


  • bestriderintheworld

    Get some morals.

    • DrifterDave

      morals?? this is jailshit son!!

    • Jesus

      Fuck morals. My dude CDC clothing sells a mean ass fee fee. it’s got teeth n shit

  • AndyG

    i pretty much died laughing the whole video. granted im blown right now, but that dude is so stoked on em.. just makes it that much better

  • dario demarco

    anyone who has been in jail should stay away from bmx.

    • AndyG

      sooo your saying ratboy should have never been in bmx and that hoder should stay out of bmx.. come on dario pull your head out your ass.

    • maxthestreetkiller

      lol. last time i watched props mega tour. the come up team all went to jail for a bit. so ur saying that they should stay away from bmx?

    • Dario

      Not me.