How To Icepick The Ground With Adam22

As you’ll see in the video, we are doing a contest associated with this video. All you’ve got to do is film an icepick tap (it doesn’t have to be downside or on flat ground, it can be anything), post it on Instagram with the #dailychink hashtag, tag my personal Instagram @adamtwentytwo and I will announce the winner next Monday. Points for creativity and humor. I’ll be posting the prizes on Instagram tomorrow, but here’s a hint, the prize package contains a freecoaster, 4 brand new plastic pegs, 3 OSS shirts and some one-of-a-kind Stevie Churchill memorabilia. I figure as long as you guys are willing to watch 8 minutes of me talking on camera you might as well get something in return.

Oh and the astute among you will remember that I did a video like this roughly 5 years ago but it sucked and never made it to YouTube.

Song: All I Can Do Is Pull Up by The Local Man & Ned

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