How To Hang Five.

I never post how-to’s, but this one seems pretty good. This is one trick that I’ve always wanted to learn and have never been able to, although I’ve probably averaged about 10 minutes of actually trying every year for the past 5.

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  • Gabe

    now i know how to do a hang five!

  • willpillionaire

    Rick’s gonna get sponsored i bet.

  • ryan

    No one gives a fuck what your opinion is on what makes certain tricks “not look like crap”. Do what feels good, not what looks good.

    • e


      also, apparently sean sexton is not doing legit hang 5s now?maybe he should ask this guy for advice…


    shutup foo, its all about teh steez nigga

  • Gabe

    i heart haters

  • Chuck Coyote

    I love this video, and this is rich; Rick explains everything like as if it was as easy as rain in Africa. Goodjob!

  • Noah AKA alaska

    This how to licks nuts, 1. I can hang five like a billion times better than him and 2. I can teach people to hang five like 100 times better than him.. Terrible…


    • That guy

      number 1. your a douchebag 2. I blew all over your mommies titties last night, she likes my hot salty suprise’s.
      This bros’s trying to help your not, so fuck off. No one wants you on thecomeup.

  • Gauch

    everyone sucks ass at hangin tricks but Chase Gouin

  • ME

    hang 10s next
    i dont get ‘em

  • ME

    o wats the song

  • Brandon M

    good work with that shit, What’s the song at the end?

  • chris

    ahah I’m with the last two… what was that song?

  • RIck

    rythym- awol one and daddy kev

  • Fuzzlestiltskin

    take your hand off


    hand off what nig

  • asdf

    “seat height is crucial, but i just run my seat slammed like everyone else.” what an idiot.