Hate Bikes B-Footy Edit

HATEBIKES B-FOOTY from Nate Richter on Vimeo.

They call this their “B-footy”, but it is definitely one of my favorite Hate Bikes edits of the year.

  • gay

    way to go guys. pikey the Hate name off one of the most revolutionary uk underground bmx brands.

  • chad phaire

    haven’t seen a good bar to ice like that in years

  • Marv

    Fucking biters. Get your own name faggots.

    • http://Website willie nelson

      hahahaha hate the hate i see hate bikes blowing up bigger than your so called shit so whos the biter your just sleeping

    • saf

      country bumpkin

  • saf


  • asfasdfasdfgsd
  • http://Website ul m8
  • http://Website TRUTH

    Hate aint a crew you wankers its a company. Niggas got a frame and bars. Not a bunch of drunk english men

    • asfasdfasdfgsd

      a lame company…and a bunch of drunk english bmx legends… although im sure they would disagree about being legends