GuruJam: Moments

Columbus, Ohio may be the last place you’d expect to find Catfish, Mark Eaton, and Dane Beardsley, but that was just the tip of this weekend’s surprises for me at GuruJam.  

The American flatland scene seems to be on the upswing lately, and it really showed at this contest. The novice class had a handful of riders too young to drive, and the pro class had literally some of the best riders on planet Earth.  This edit is just the tip of the awesome shit that went down here.  Jean-William “Dub” Prevost took the win, followed by Jason Plourde and Dane in 3rd. “Even if you’re not into flatland”, I swear you will freak when you see Dub ride at the end. Just look for the shirtless guy with tattoos going a million miles an hour.

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