Garrett Reynolds Premium Web Video

Holy shit.

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  • http://Website CRAZY MAAZY

    not human

    • http://Website Name (required)

      idk that shit was real good but i think nathan williams etnies edit was better. this was still nuts tho. and dont anyone say im comparing them because im not

  • http://Website damn

    im guessing these are deadline scraps. which is scary

    • http://Website Filip


    • http://Website bmxde

      cant wait till its out

  • http://Website chad phaire


  • http://Website chea

    garrett over bitches

  • http://Website yes

    garrett fucking mobs it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website smashfacecory

    kid is so fucking good.

  • http://Website mohambmx

    sucks! is this kid 14 too and trendy? he doesnt even ride brakes! and he only did like 15 bars and 7 whips! i didnt even see a tuck no hander! nathan williams is so much better! that last gap wasnt even that big!

    • http://Website the truth hurts

      your a retard that was sick you suck i hope you get hiv and die

    • http://Website Matt


    • brian

      do you even know who garret fucking reynolds is???? u fucking retard…

    • http://Website Joel

      pretty sure this dude was joking but whatever…

    • http://Website KGB

      lets see u do it you cocky shit talker garrett reynolds destroys nathan williams, nathan just has amazingly good grinds

    • http://Website bikes

      nathan and garrett are both really good riders there two different styles they cant be compared and he use to ride a gyro and he was still doing the same tricks he just learn to do them without brakes

    • http://Website ed

      stupid douchebag i ought to slap you in the mouth for saying that

    • http://Website mohambmx

      you kids are retards. im clearly jokking.

  • http://Website annoying video guy

    Shit needs to be de-interlaced! So good besides that.

    • http://Website extra sauce please

      yep… the perils of mac footage into a pc. when will it end?

    • Bone

      ^^ The perils of not knowing what the fuck you’re talking about

  • http://Website gfgffxd

    These tricks would be sick, if the pants didnt make me want to kill myself

    • http://Website e

      haha.i can’t say i didnt notice! but he’s gotten way smoother.not humane in awful pants

  • http://Website mike thomas


    • http://Website your a clown

      get the fuck out of jersey fuckfaceee

  • coray


  • http://Website extra sauce please

    Garrett Reynolds Vs. Nathan Williams…

    • http://Website e

      chubacca vs han solo
      omg who’s gonna win??!?

    • http://Website Name (required)

      nathan fer sure

    • http://Website NANO

      trippin dood garrett all day

  • http://Website Ben

    nollie bars was nuts then the 3 was STEEZ… sick edit

  • Johan Vanderbal

    I just love how he lands flat and makes it looks smooth on stuff. I dont know what it is, but he rides like he’s trying to break his bike, its just awesome.

    • http://Website ginger beater

      i would love it if you died your hair a different colour you fuckin ginger fuck nugget, now go and suck adam 22s shriveld up pecker dick. ginger cunt

    • http://Website Joel

      oooooouch… take it easy man. why all the hostility? you get prison raped by carrot top?

  • http://Website abdurahmannnn

    hu ya se!
    he sell his soul to devil!

  • http://Website dB

    Is it even possible for a post to have 0 shit talk? all you haters should kill yourself. The majority of you cunts live at your mom and dads house and are nibblers. Your opinion means shit faggots. This edit is dope, and baggy pants and high seat poles are gayer than an all male orgy.

    • http://Website fuggles the clown

      “baggy pants and high seat poles are gayer than an all male orgy.” hahaha

    • http://Website i repeat what he said cos i have nothing of my own to add



    • http://Website Name (required)

      why should it matter were you live

  • Muffy F baby

    that bai real.

  • http://Website paulie sanbernetti

    HOP 360 AT 0:59 SECONDS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • http://Website moe tie

    fuck garret i didnt watch tha video
    let another mother fucker have some shine once and a while
    (strictly shit talking nothing else)

  • http://Website moe tie

    just watched ahahahahah too good
    but real talk you deserve it
    inspired………. yess
    jealous……….. a lil
    totally fuckin stoked……….. most deff

  • http://Website shane

    so good

  • Facebook User

    ohhh fuckkkkk. so good.

  • http://Website REX

    god damn!! what sort of wizardry is this?!

  • http://Website dc

    that was dooope!

  • http://Website jj

    marshall quit standing in the way like a goon!

  • http://Website Brian “Slash” Hansen

    Yeah Holocaust! Finally someone uses a halfway decent song in an edit. Now if it wasn’t already used in a skate video last year it would be even better.

    • http://Website south bay dre


  • http://Website Ryan

    Copley Sq – represent

    Good shit

  • http://Website EH

    Joey Cobbs might not approve of all the grass landings on this one

  • http://Website Sean Burns

    go fast, go gap !!!!

  • http://Website sam

    i just came in my pants… everywhere

  • http://Website boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica boom chica chica chica bo

    how gay. this is the second time garret uses a song from a skateboard video in one of his parts

    • http://Website gygy

      who cares

    • http://Website brad

      you honestly care what song he uses. get over it its just music, you idiots sit on the computer and nerd out all day. get off of here and ride your fucking bike. bmx would be way better without this shitty ass website

  • http://grouphomebikes RideSI/NY;)

    OMG da high ass dbl peg 2 oppo 180 was at my fucking skool lmao ….yes im a staten kid n there where a few clips of staten island in this shit nyc/staten all fuckin day…….n yo all u haters who talk shit bout garret n nathen ,wy dont u try n do sum of dat crazy shit ….i think there both amazing…….but i gota stick wit my boy garret hes nuts

  • http://Website lumpycusterd

    the first truck was extreame

    • http://Website 420

      Low speed.

  • http://Website cincibmx

    even if you dont like his style, you cant say hes not good

  • http://Website Roundhousedick

    So ein kranker Hund!

  • http://Website Roundhousedick

    Dieser Typ gehört einfach verkloppt!!!

  • http://Website Sherman Klump

    and these are just scraps

  • http://Website Matt

    if you compare Garrett and Nathan you cant sayy whos better they have there own styles.. and garrett does tuck no handers not alot not as badass as nathans though. there still both hella badass riders.

    i’d go for garrett i like is style alot more

  • http://Website haro


  • http://Website Sherman Klump

    if he sold his soul to the devil for that…..then does anyone got yhe devils Garret fuckin rocks

  • http://Website blood

    anyone who says garrett is trendy is retarded. he fucking started the trends hes a trend setter!

  • http://Website ridehard!

    how does some one get sooo goood!!!??