Fuck Alla Andra Video

FUCK ALLA ANDRA from Johan Nordberg on Vimeo.

I’m very happy that this is a good video, because I didn’t want to have the description from the email go to waste: “Ey, we are a bunch of straight out G’z straight outta a part of Sweden where people do drugs and such. We made this super-underground gangsta-bmx-video weed like other gangsters out there to see, naah mean????”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nico-Penitenti/100000707253845 Nico Penitenti

    sick video the hops out of the nose manuals were gross tho

  • http://www.tumultbmx.com TUMULT BMX


    • http://www.tumultbmx.com TUMULT BMX

      FYI, title says; Fuck Everyone Else

  • http://Website funtington

    way too G for there own good.

  • http://Website Ghad
    • http://www.tittaycitay.com dirtron

      haaahaaha fuck yea!! a proper link! i though delicious chocolate and sexy babes came from sweeden?

  • http://Website heyyybrian

    b-ball jersey over the hoody…. new trend to hit bmx (goodbye skinny jeans and deepV’s)

    • http://Website Luke

      Nah Im pretty sure the new trend in bmx is being a complete drugo.. its only a mater of time before its cool to wak up herion before ya go riding.. I have no Idea why you keep posting crap like this Adam.

    • http://Website Name (required)

      way to go luke adam didn’t post it.

  • http://Website count grishnackh

    wtf is wrong with weed Luke? I’ve smoked pot for the past 15 years almost every day, with only one 6 month hiatus back when i was 21… And now that my home state just passed a beautiful medical marijuana law, i’m legal to smoke as much as I want. I’m a college graduate, a working man, bmx rider, and intellectual marijuana enthusiast.

    Losers will be losers no matter what you give them, alcohol, drugs, chicks, porn, ect.

    So, that being said, feel free to insert your opinion right back up your pompous ass. At least waste-oids have an excuse for being idiots, what’s yours?

    Also, for all the other anti-marijuana genius’, you’re soon to be the minority, not every pot smoker is your classic burn-out. You’re going to actually have to research your opinions, not just have them handed to you by tv commercials and christian right soccer moms.

    • http://Website FEEFENSTEIN

      mail me some!

    • http://Website braaaap

      Arent opinions just that, opinions? If your going to do some research then perhaps it could be for facts and statistics to back up your statement. This is what I was taught in eng 101, but if your a college graduate and you know this then me and my b.a degee are clearly in the wrong

    • http://Website blah

      Hey braaaap, your pretty much a retard.. yeh he’ll get right to searching the available data showing conclusively that idiots will always be idiots no matter what they are involved in. I’m totally sure there are vast amounts of it out there to outline his research on. braaapp brappppp

    • http://Website count grishnackh



      and BA’s are for wusses… Masters ftw.


    • http://Website PHD Nigga

      Research this:

      Da weed.

    • http://Website count grishnackh

      “but if your a college graduate”

      don’t you mean “you’re” Mr. eng101?

  • http://Website count grishnackh

    Oh, and I just lit a joint of my own legally home grown White Lighting x White Rhino sprinkled with a couple blobs of finger hash from earlier today…

    Yum fucking yum.

    • http://Website FEEFENSTEIN

      i meant to put that here**


  • http://Website Anon

    ^ the only smart thing I have ever heard anyone say on tcu

  • http://Website bl

    wow, so it’s confirmed; all swedes are gay

    • http://Website steven

      certainly not these guys!

  • http://website hood

    tagging was awful and you aint gangsta cause smoking weed riding good still

    • http://Website 42069

      preeetty sure the description wasn’t meant to be serious chap (;

  • http://Website jason

    OMG crooked and oppo crooked down handrails? dude’s sick

  • http://www.norrkopinghardcore.com konsp

    skön edit med grymt ös!

    jersey over hoodie not my cup of tea… but riding and shit’s legit!

  • http://Website Mark V.

    These guys had a video i=on here like 6 months ago. The dude with the dreads has the weirdest nose manuals ever, But he can still do em better than me, weird looking or not. Heres the link to the old video on their vimeo page.


  • http://Website d-rock

    why is he wearing a vest OVER a hoodie and also, i thought sweden was nice.

    • http://Website Name (required)

      damn kid where the fuck have you been the last 21yrs. vest over the hoody is nothing new.

    • http://www.tumultbmx.com TUMULT BMX SWEDEN

      Sweden is THE best country in the fucking world. Besides winters and alcoholism, we’re top notch. Nicest looking women too, ask anyone who’s been here.

    • http://Website Drifter

      true. I crankslid a Swedish chik a coupla years back, they’re all scortchin’ hornys

  • http://Website phil bartlett

    the dude with the dreads was dope i enjoyed watching his clips

  • http://Website blah

    haha hopefully the description is a joke.. hopefully..

    • http://Website cunny

      i sincerely hope so

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