I’m blazered out of my mind and someone sent me a link to this and I laughed really, really hard.

  • http://Website eree

    who the fuck wears watches and rides bikes? nobody!!! croteau is a faggot.

    • eleventeen

      anyone who doesnt wear a watch in bmx is a fag cus they cant afford it.

    • http://Website b

      so you’re gay if you do wear a watch and you’re gay if you don’t? 100% gay population we’ve got now it seems.

    • kyle Antonowich

      ^^this = extinction

    • http://Website Jack

      Maybe not extinction, but BMXtinction for sure…

  • http://Website 111

    that watch looks like some little kid shit i could pick up at toys r us

  • http://Website steezy

    but fuck hes gettin some low key raw sponsors!
    not some mark ass shit like 6.0.
    i seen orisue in there

  • http://Website Jew

    were freestyle and were makin da moment.

  • http://Website bigfoot

    Whaaaaaaaat lolz

  • http://Website Yo

    Did he find that thing in his fucking cereal?

    • http://Website Daniel

      Hahahaha funny shit.

  • Eric

    Was that an advertisement for the watch? It looks just like a G-Shock rip off.

  • http://Website octofuck

    gotta love the sticker that says “Honest”

  • http://Website n/h maximus

    Bmxers with double chins… unacceptable.

    • http://Website riley c

      ha ha ha ha fuck that made me lol.

    • http://Website ha


  • http://Website lifelong fan on steve-o

    can i please see that tooth hangover once more?

    • http://Website michaelvick

      what tooth hang?

  • http://Website lucas

    should i go take a rip of my bong, maybe that would make this video more amusing ?

  • http://Website orville the shreddin bacher

    that tooth looked easy as hell

    • http://Website yo!

      that looked easy as hell cause it was…. rail is sooo small and buttery…

  • http://Website Nuffsaid

    Haters all dayson. Get that shit. They MAD!

  • http://Website brah

    damn that kid is one ugly mother fucker

  • http://Website DEADFOOD

    damn son i hope orisue isn’t sponsoring him i like their shit though.

  • http://Website John Hicks

    Wow… so one trick huh ?

    excellent choice for an add… this watch impedes wrist movement thus making a toothover the only possible trick

  • http://Website Blazekinh

    Shit Adam seems like you didn’t have your Blazeguard handy when viewing.

  • http://Website ryanp

    what a joke!

  • http://Website Petey

    i was sponsored by freestyle watches on when i was about 13.. its cool to know the pros get help from them too

  • http://Website Daniel

    Not trying to hate or anything but fuck. if u want people to atleast wear watches and bmx make them a decent colour and shape? tht watch looks like its from the 80′s

  • http://Website Daniel

    Nce riding btw, but maybe a barspin with that tooth would be pretty mean.

  • http://Website YA

    ever since that beef came about

    he left and made a better change out of it ….

    not alot of people can do that

    • http://Website Robb D

      true man true n fuck all of you haters get off adams dick with the beef. they have talk i was there at the banks just chill n get over it. steve is a good man n/h he has helped me n alot others out u dont know so fuck off get on ur bikes n ride instead of talkin shit

  • http://Website jay

    that style of old school 80s watch is all the rage in the uk at the moment. casio style.

    • http://Website rost beef

      at the moment? everyones been wearing them things for the past 10 years retard. cheepest watch from argos innit

  • http://Website j

    yes but its only recently become a trend that fits in with the ‘retro’ genre of clothing.
    You will find them being sold in shops around bricklane and even shitty high street stores like topman as retro fashion statements to the 80s digital age. Even though the watch never really went away it is only in recent times that its being remarketed as a retro fashion piece. so chill out roast beef. thats the point i was trying to make.

    • http://Website b

      this argument matters so much.

  • http://Website watches are for assholoes

    stem height hangovers totally photo worthy.

  • http://Website adams jealus

    get off your own cock, are you that envious cause he can shred unlike you. why dont you get off the internet and go grind a one foot ledge

  • http://Website gogo

    hahaha it looks like hes gained some pounds

  • http://Website not you

    pay your bills fagot … how much you owe Animal

  • Mike Mastroni

    so does the watch come with any additional features that help you steal cameras, beat up girls, or talk down to every single person you meet…or do i have to pay extra for those?? i heard the pro model also comes with a mass “sponsor me” email generator built right in!

    • http://Website lol

      lol. pwned

    • http://Website Robb D

      dude dont hate thats not you man

    • http://Website silent pussy shreader

      mike your my hero

    • http://Website g

      “self filmed” = “sponsor me”

    • http://Website jj


    • http://Website osborne

      mastroni is the fucking man

    • http://Website truth

      funny… the dude whos ass you kiss to be on this site WAS his mass “sponser me” email generator. wonk wonk. nice try though. i dont really care for adam or steve-o but if you are gonna talk shit, at least get it right and dont be biased with it.

    • adam

      Mastroni never sent a sponsor me email. Do you want me to email Proper right now and have them tell you you’re wrong too? If your opinion mattered I’d go to the trouble of doing it.

    • http://Website adam22 is retarded

      adam22, if you had even a grade 5 reading level, you would see that he was saying that YOU were steve-o’s mass “sponser me” email generator. fucking dunce.

  • http://Website gus


  • http://Website 41thermal

    One of the fattest riders out there. Can he even 360 with all that weight in him?

  • http://Website chase

    i’ve been trying to get a nice watch, hook it up. watch wouldn’t look bad in black.

  • spinsall4

    good shit steve-o. props on getting coverage.

  • http://Website matt

    no trend whore in there right mind would buy that watch he had four pegs no tails whips and zero barspins

  • http://Website phil bartlett

    thats pretty cool.. wtf are u kids talkin about he gained weight and shit hahah who gives a fuck sit back relax n have a puff or two

  • eleventeen


    • adam

      Actually, I do run this shit. Name one person with a louder voice in BMX than me. I shut down Steve’s entire BMX career with a few blogs and a couple phone calls. Prove me wrong.

    • http://Website truth

      obviously you didnt shut down his career. he’s got a watch sponser doesnt he? both you and steve-o are idiots and you both suck at bikes. you had to start a website because of your lack of skills on a bike. keep your lazy fat ass on the toilet (where it belongs) while you blog… i’m going riding. bitch.

  • adam

    Yeah, he has a watch sponsor, case in point. Look at his sponsor list. How much money does he make from BMX? Zip zero. How much money do I make from BMX? You don’t want to know. This isn’t about bike riding, it’s about business, when I go down the street and ride the ledge Steve-o is the last thing on my mind. I didn’t start a website because of my admitted lack of skills, I started a website because I’m smarter than you.

    • http://Website truth

      smarter? i think not bud. you started a site to rip off bmx because you cant do anything else productive with your life except get neck tattoos and hit on underage girls (which obviously shows in your videos and shirts). 96% of people dont get into bmx because of the money. why do you go suck off daniel dhers. you two seem to have basically the same game plan. when the floor drops out of bmx and all the money is gone, i’ll still have my job and i’ll see you in the gutter.

    • adam

      hahahahhahah. I thought for about .05 of a second that maybe I should write a real response to this and try to bring you back to reality, but fuck it. And somehow I think that when “the floor drops out”, it won’t be too hard to go get a job as a janitor alongside yourself.

    • http://Website Leavô

      Dudes are really sad talking shit about other people.
      If a dude rides sketchy or dont wanna go for it like sean burns or blackman, what the hell do it matters to you. Just the fact he rides a bike is great. Just go stick ya bike in ya ass, YA FUCKING ASSHOLE. Leave the style of riding and mentality for anyone who rides a fucking bike.

    • http://Website truth

      i’ll be head custodian and you’ll still be my bitch. make sure you cover your sweet neck tattoos rick thorne. thats against company policy.

    • http://Website Si


  • http://Website b

    why are you bothering?

  • http://Website PEGLEG


  • http://Website billdo

    Your mans is got a watch because he cant afford a cell phone. You gotta know when the library closes so you can try to email all your sponsors

  • http://Website Josh

    Sorry to come late to the party but I just can’t help getting involved when adam starts flexing all of his “I make so much money from bmx,” “I’m so much smarter then all of you,” “my voice is heard round the world” talk. Lets get all of the b.s out of the way. You want to talk business, here is business…websiteoutlook, a company that extremely accurately estimates the value of websites across the internet states that thecomeup’s value as of 35 days ago is a little over $27,000. That means that for all of the people that view the site or post on the boards, and all that adam believes he has, it’s actually worth is less than $30,000 on today’s market. Furthermore, it estimates that daily ad revenue is only $37.29. That’s $13,611 per year. I would make the very highball estimate that adam might make $60,000 per year from thecomeup and associated projects. Now, I know there are some who consider that “a lot” of money, but it certainly is nothing to brag about. It’s definately nothing to act God-like about to a bunch of teenagers. Now, “prove me wrong.” My guess is you’ll just try to ban me from your site again.
    As far as the power of your blogs and posts, you certainly have carved yourself out a piece. But realistically you know as well as I do that if you were to disappear tomorrow, the BMX world would move on and never remember you existed. Your site has achieved fame, you and your act have not.

    • adam

      Your attempt to estimate how much money I make from the site is juvenile at best. If you actually knew how the world of online advertising worked, you’d be holding your tongue. Furthermore I didn’t brag about how much money I make from this site (the statement that you put in quotes, was never said, making you a liar), that isn’t the point. I’m not in any way interested in the fame aspect of running this site either, but you’re lying to yourself if you can honestly say that The Come Up isn’t the biggest thing in BMX. I know because everywhere I go, kids know who I am and tell me that the site is the biggest thing amongst all their friends. I COULD ban you, but there’s really no point when it’s so easy to debunk the hilarious stuff you’ve posted here.

    • http://Website truth

      didnt brag???

      “How much money does he make from BMX? Zip zero. How much money do I make from BMX? You don’t want to know.”

      dude… you are so delusional. actually websiteoutlook is quite accurate. sorry to break it to you but you are STILL a nobody. welcome back to reality. we were wondering when you were going to get the fuck off your pedastal and join us. bmx can and will keep going after you and your site are gone. i’m sure there are more people that dislike you and your antics than people who actually want to be your friend. now… get back to work, the floors need to be buffed and the toilets need scrubbing. i dont want to have to dock your pay for insubordination.

      - sincerely
      your supervisor.

    • adam

      I’m sure your website is plenty accurate. But do you know how much I charge BMX companies for ads? Do you know how much that Ballpark Franks video player on the side pays? Do you know what CPM I’m getting on remnant ads and what the CPM is on the Dew Tour/Red Bull/Right Guard campaigns? You don’t. Being able to figure out how many page views the site gets is elementary (you could have emailed me and I would have told you).

      BMX could definitely go on without me. But it won’t, because I’m all up in this shit and not going anywhere. Your statements are rhetorical “I’m sure there are more people that dislike you”, while all of my actual real life experience tells me that I can go everywhere in the world and have everyone I meet tell me they love what I do. Can you say that?

    • http://Website unTruth

      dude shut the fuck up. no one is interested to hearing your complains about the TCUB and Adam. Just chill the fuck out and go ride a bike, skate, car, moto or any other shit. Just leave the runner TCUB life and quotes of him to himself. Quit that shit

  • http://Website matt

    these comments are more entertaining than the video

  • http://Website brian

    hahaha you guys are all to funny, let everyone do their own friggin thing, weather its riding, or running a website, or taking shits on girls boobs, dayum kids, i almost want to say grow up

  • http://Website Josh

    Since you made the statement, what “hilarious stuff” that I said have you “dubunked?” You called my estimations “juvenile,” questioned my knowledge of online business practice and payoff, called me “a liar” (juvenile?), stated that TheComeUp was “the biggest thing in BMX” because all of the kids say “it is the biggest thing among all of their friends” (brag?). In fact, you have not dubunked or even disputed a single thing I have said. You then flex your muscle by saying that you COULD ban me (in big strong capital letters) but you won’t because you believe you actually have won an argument.

    If there is one thing that I overestimated it is your intelligence. I actually thought that you were smarter than your response indicates. Your response proves everything that I, and others, have said. You think that you, and this site, are BMX. Your attitude and statements insult the people, companies, and organizations BMX was built upon. You could show humility and leadership with what you’ve created, and allow this forum to be controlled by real BMXers, but instead you seek out fame and notoriety by giving your unwanted ridiculous opinion on a variety of topics. You’re a joke.

    And please, try an ban my IP from your site. I can have 1000 rapidly circulating IPs tomorrow. Thats what you can do when you make over $60,000 a year, son.

    • http://Website called out

      deleted posts??? damn. i love it when people cant handle being called out. that shit is too funny.

    • http://Website eric

      And please, try an ban my IP from your site. I can have 1000 rapidly circulating IPs tomorrow. Thats what you can do when you make over $60,000 a year, son.

      yea I know some 13 year olds in russia who can do that and make around 100 grand a year in internet scams and identity theft, and i’m sure thats more than you make otherwise you wouldnt be posting on this website about how dreadful it is.

      unless you’re from nike and are all pissy about adam and bolton still.

  • http://Website nyc’s bmx king

    You ride your bike with no seat and pole up your asshole you queer.

  • http://Website gregrides

    I’ll say it and you can quote me on it too in a response if you like “kids, grow up.”

  • http://Website jim sokolof

    i wonder how many of these people are steve o

  • dirtron

    you guys need to focus.. if he had the watch on he would’ve pulled the 360′d at el toro.

  • http://Website PhotoGod

    Is this for real, why is everyone so mad?? BMX is about the sport!! To bad Freestyle’s getting bashed they got some sick watches.. peep em out

  • http://Website ☺☻☺☻☺☻

    I’ll always rock a Folex

  • http://Website nickyb

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH 22 meltdown.

  • http://Website eric

    ghetto gowns look great under button up shirts.

  • http://Website chum

    I think it’s time we heard from Chris Duncan

  • http://Website CODEZ

    who cares. evry one should shut the fuck up who cares he might like watches. you might like fighting. you both like somthing shut up and chillout.. fuck sake……………….

  • http://Website jesus

    those website value things are what the web address itself is worth based on traffic, not ad revenue. sites can charge whatever they want for private ads, that $37 a day is bullshit, maybe thats about what google ads alone would earn

  • http://Website fran collingmoor

    i think adam 22 is a funny bloke..he does what the fuck he wants and laffs about it.thats rad

  • http://Website Hahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I find it funny how much shit “grown” men talk on the internet. Grow the fuck up. Everyone.

  • http://Website james

    Damn i want another bagel.

  • http://Website niggaaa

    adam is a fucking homo. straight up no way around it. word

  • http://Website BIRDMAN

    both of ya is dickheads.ya was mad cool an now cool wit both of ya but you do got bike riders on ya dick. even some your with everyday