Fly Bikes In Austin

Check out this amazing 12 minute edit from ten well spent days in Austin with arguably the steeziest team in BMX. This is so good!

“Austin, Texas was the destination for our most recent Flybikes trip. Kevin, Ruben, Stefan, Shane, Devon, Joseph and Kevin Kalkoff all headed to the live music capital of the world for 10 days of hanging with good friends and amazing riding sessions hitting up famous spots as well as some awesome unknown gems. We hope you enjoy this as much as the team did making it.”

2 thoughts on “Fly Bikes In Austin

    • Yes, I think you're the only one who feels that way. But they bring the flavor I wish that every company had more of. Devon needs more sponsors so we can see more of him. Stefan was way impressive in this one!

  1. Slowmotion and sound track killed it for me, riding was the definition of beauty doe. Just my two unwanted/uneeded cents.

  2. If you don't like this video, these are the following reasons:
    1 – You don't like height and style.
    2 – You're not cappable of listen to a good Classic Rock-ish instrumental track.
    3 – You stopped watching it before the street part (dope as fuck by the way).
    In my opinion, this is beautiful!

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