FBM – Half And Half (Full DVD)

FBM just dropped their 2005 classic, Half & Half, onto good ol’ YouTube. This video gets talked about less than some of the other classic FBM videos (i.e. Albert Street) but I think it may legitimately be my favorite. There’s some seriously wild stuff in here including but definitely not limited to Mike Tag backwards grinding a 20+ stair curved cement downledge, a loop made out of pallets (yes, really), Ron Kilmer 270 fastplanting to smith on a sub-box, guys jumping a golf cart over doubles, Dave King (ain’t shit) does an insane feeble grind laterally across 3 rails, Billy Ashby footage, Derrick Gerard footage, and Tony Hamlin hits em with a big euro-gap/drop-in on a Razor scooter. Watch this and get inspired to raise some hell on and off the bike.

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