DQYBJ4: OSS Goes To Woodward.

  • fish

    that was honestly shit.

    • too many people have the nickname Fish

      White balance. How does it work?

    • john


  • bo duke

    Lil Tyler getting a peanut.

  • http://Website snoop

    that was actually pretty weak. also, cockfighting isn’t cool.

  • http://Website jeff d

    MOVIN CHICKENZ… for 30

  • Buffalo Bill

    LOL at you guys goin to one of the best park facilities and trying to “keep it mad street yo”. Who goes to woodward for their wedges and ledges? besides skaters. And no one wants to see those disgustingly sloppy flatland moves by catfish. Oh, but its not flatland because he rolls down a wedge after a trick right? He clearly isnt hopping into the wedge like he thinks he is. One was enough. At least we were spared a22 clips!

    • adam

      We called this comment before we even started editing it. Just glad that at least one of you is dull enough to bother posting this comment.

    • toby

      Wow bmx isnt like communism u prick go fuck hilter cunt.

    • dead meat

      so adam, you knew it was shit before editing it? why the fuck did you post it then.

  • http://Website Will

    That was so so bad, Cock fighting isn’t cool either.

  • smack

    man that was poor how can oss bring out that dvd then produce this?….weird.

    • adam

      You don’t get it.

    • smack

      i actually dont, wanna tell me what its about?

    • stijn

      If you don’t get the difference between filming for a legit dvd, and a couple dudes having a laugh in an indoor skatepark and pointing go-pro’s at each other while doing tricks, you’re not very bright.

  • http://Website kris

    too much drugs.

  • louis

    i thought it was really good, adam22 clip are like goldust. fuck Buffalo Bill.

    • Buffalo Bill

      hahaha you’d for sure suck his tatted up pecker. Ask me how i know its tatted..

  • leavethisbitch

    what the hell was up with the coloring? fucking annoying.

  • http://Website Trustin

    Woodward is the shit and the ledges and wedges are too. Stop hating cause you cant ride woodward. Great video Adam22, looks like you had fun and thats all that matters anyways.

  • cte

    stop listening to literally the worst guys in hiphop. people in atlanta dont even like this crap

  • Zack

    what did you use to edit this?

    • dead meat


  • http://clickedbmx.com Drew Kukura

    Good vibe, but I can’t stand Gucci Mane and all his aye-ing. Hopefully Gucci mane is only used ironically in BMX videos. (I’m looking at you Banned.)

  • george

    yeah that totally sucked. if a “reader” sent that in, i bet it wouldn’t have even been posted.

  • http://Website DickTitz

    DQYDJ? What a fucking joke.

  • AC

    Dont get me wrong, im not trying to hate and shit. but you cant put Gucci Mane and be riding at Woodward…..does not go. It needs to be street, and come on dont hop on the bandwagon and make a “goon” edit when your doing a back flip in a foam pit. No hate good riding and everything. just tryed to hard.

  • America

    Omg mike asstroni is so fucking queer! How much dick does he like???

  • trap or die

    crumlish held it down.. good to see passero gettin some flow

  • http://Website Wow

    Pretty crazy how poor that edit was from every aspect considering all the hating A22 does


    Killa cam hot wing B-roll?

  • Johnny Blake

    all those filters and effects make it look like a rollerblading video. but it looked like everyone had fun so i’m happy for you.

  • http://scrcrw.com Luka

    My only thought throughout the whole video was about throwing rocks at the guy who edited this.

    And anyhow, if you were going for the whole “on acid” effect, you could’ve put a more appropriate song (any psychedelic rock, for that matter).

    • http://Website Ben

      NO your not I felt like throwing rocks at my computer screen. Fuck that was the worst!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Galvan/552118309 Ryan Galvan

    Seems as though they had fun at the park, they had fun editing, and they are having fun reading all the ignorant comments. Mission accomplished. Hit me up next time you go Adam!

  • Tim

    I fucks wit it haters can suck a dick

  • bmxkline

    i thought the riding was pretty good ! i just dont care for the weird colors.

  • http://www.nerryland.com Mike

    Catfish is seriousley the worst. I like his riding but he things he a gangsta

  • truth

    magazines were so much better than this. if a pic of catfish popped up you could turn the page and forget that he is having a mid-life crisis, he keeps getting older and they stay the same age kinda thing. you also didnt have to listen to the worst music in the world, that stuff HAS to be a joke between the guys who made it to see if anyone would actually listen to it.

    if someone would have posted this on the board from 3-4 years ago everyone including adam would have ripped on it so hard they wouldve quit reading thecomeup and been like “fuck those people theyre assholes” every time someone brought it up. but adam hadnt come out of the closet yet back then and people thought he must be able to ride if he runs thecomeup, so he could get away with ripping on people for not being able to do tricks he couldnt do if he fucking prayed to god. this site is the biggest piece of garbage ever attached to bmx and has fucked it up beyond words

  • luke

    http://vimeo.com/19890653 check it out adam a solid video from downunder

  • http://Dedication570.blogspot.com Dirty deets

    Egg WARSH? craig is a beast!