Denim Cox BSD Forever 2016 Edit

The OC Golden Child, and known Common Crew affiliate, DENIM COX just dropped this amazing new edit that’s just riddled with hammers, to celebrate being added to the, BSD Forever squad! Thanks again to Sauce Thee Bosss for cooking up this masterpiece!

Here’s what Sauce had to say about Denim, “If you’ve ever ridden with Denim, you know his brain doesn’t work like the average 20 year old these days. He loves any factor that’ll make his trick riskier and is the only person I know who gets excited over a less than ideal (horrible) spot. Just about every trick he films goes one of two ways: first try or a hard fought battle between him and the ground. Denim is a GRADE A savage and the newest member of the prestigious BSD team. Congrats dawg.” -Sauce


Make sure to also check out an interview piece with some amazing photos that Chris Eiland whipped up, after the jump!


Year of birth:

Currently living in:
Huntington Beach California

How old were you when you first started riding and what got you into it?
I grew up watching X games and Nitro Circus with my dad since I was real little. I thought it was cool as fugg to see all those dudes on TV doing crazy tricks so I wanted to do some crazy shit to. My old man was down to support whatever I wanted to do so I spent a few years going through phases with scooters, freestyle motocross, skateboarding, and eventually fell into a serious love for biking at around 15.


Favorite place you’ve ever traveled with your bike?
Gotta say Barcelona was pretty damn amazing.

One try or one hundred tries?
Personally, I hate spending a long time trying crazy combos. I tend to stick to the setups that scare me a bit and really get my adrenaline pumping. Always aim for first T because fuck falling even though I eat shit more than anybody I know haha.

How long have you lived in Huntington Beach? do they consider you a loc yet?
I’m coming up on 5 years now but I don’t don’t think I’ll ever be considered a “loc”. haha I’ve got far too much Arizona blood in me.


What do you think of the other dudes on BSD?
BSD has the best crew in the game. I haven’t really got to hang out with everybody yet but the few that I have are a fuckin riot. Love ‘em.

How’d you meet Reed?
I was living out in BCN when my good friend Eric Sans told me that Catfish and Reed were coming out to stay with us. I had never met Reed so I was stoked to pedal over to the bus plaza to pick them boys up. Instantly I could tell he was sick as fuck. Good vibes just radiate off that dude haha Seriously can’t say enough good words about Reed, he’s the fuckin man.


How was your week at camp woodward?
That shit was so awesome. The food wasn’t too bad and they had a lot of different stuff to mess around on and it was the first time I got to meet Paley and kick it with him and Alex. At some point during the week a few of the animal boys came through and we had some good fuckin times. I think I came back from that trip with a full blown six pack due to the non stop laughter with all the boys.

What do you think about the beef between Sauce and Christian Rigal?
hahaha I don’t necessarily agree with Sauce but I also don’t have much of an opinion because I don’t really watch too many web videos so I couldn’t name the last one he made to save my life. However, I definitely bought Markit Zero on iTunes and watched that shit like 300 times. Rigal is also one of the most insane bikers in the world so I fuck with him.


What’s your relationship with Sauce like? Does that make it easier or harder to film with him?
Love him or hate him, Sauce is my best friend. He was one of the first dudes I met when I moved out here and he’s always been sick. We been through a bunch of shit together from him buying my old suburban, me giving him a staph infection, him getting me hammered for the first time, its been fuckin awesome. If it weren’t for this fool I’d be living in Texas mowing corn fields for a living. While I was out in Spain my parents packed up shop and dipped out to Texas so when I came back to america I had no where to go other than the legendary floral couch in Sauces room. Six months later some shit went down and now I’ve got my own room in thee house. I gotta say its pretty nice livin with a filmer, I pretty much always got a guaranteed spot in the HHR to go out and film on the weekends.


Would you rather roll up to something a few times or just do it?
I don’t fuck with rolling up, I don’t fuck with waiting on photographers. If I roll up on the spot and see something I wanna do I call it out and want to do it right then and there. Looking at the spot waiting on other people to be ready just gives me anxiety. I would way rather just send it to get a good start by knowing what I need to change in order to land it. More speed less doubt.

Why are you so good at losing teeth?
^^^does the previous answer tell you anything? lol


How do you feel about getting the banger section in Monster Mash?
It honestly feels amazing I’m so stoked to have the ender. I did a lot of stuff in the dvd that I had eyed up for years but was just way to scared to do it so I’m really proud of that section. Really I’m proud of the whole crew, we took our time and made that shit exactly how we wanted to and the reaction to it has been amazing. Francis killed it on piecing everything together and all the boys handled the enders they wanted. There’s seriously nothing I would have rather done the past few years it was an amazing journey and I’m excited as can be for future projects with not only the Common Crew but now with all them BSD boys too!!


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