Cookie Jam 2011 Videos

Cookie Jam 2011 from callum earnshaw on Vimeo.

Two videos from the Cookie Jam just hit my email at the same time. Above is Callum Earnshaw’s take on the event, and after the jump you can see what Sam Baskett put together. Want to know what the Cookie Jam is about? Callum did a good job of explaining it on his Vimeo page:

Every year Jamie Skinner along with the rest of the Exeter locals put on a jam for their friend Jamie Bruce (Cookie) who unfortunately passed away back in 2009. There were a few additions made to their local park, one being ‘the fool’ ramp which had a striking resemblance to a ramp at a recent Nike 6.0 event. I was luckily enough to be there this year and managed to film a few clips. I didn’t film everything but did manage to catch most of the good stuff that went down.
RIP Jamie

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