Coa Pro Contest Video Flyer

The Contest will go as follows. 3 Classes. Beginner, Intermediate, Expert/Pro. There will be a best trick contest where every banger that is landed the rider will get a $20.00 dollar bill given to them. Every dollar that is made from this contest will go into the best trick/prize money. The contest is in West Palm, about 2 hours south of Orlando.“- Jerry Peel

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0 thoughts on “Coa Pro Contest Video Flyer

  1. Is this a fly out contest or something. This video advert does the opposite for me and instead of making me want to go to the contest it just repels me away.

  2. I was already planning to make it out to this contest. And now that they used a Rick Ross rap in the flyer video, i am going for SURE!!! Cant wait!

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