Claudio Sandoval Video.

This is simply incredible. Claudio Sandoval only has one full leg and he’s pulling smiths on rails and 180′s down 3 stairs. I honestly don’t even know what more to say, just watch this.


46 thoughts on “Claudio Sandoval Video.

  1. Rolling out of fakie has got to be pretty fuckin hard with one leg. I know people with two legs that have terrible rollouts and have been riding for years. Good on you, Claudio

  2. reminds me of way back in the day at a nationals race I saw a dude w/ one leg tearing it up in AA. this is on a whole other level of awesome! Truly inspirational no doubt.

  3. That was so rad! That seriously made me want to go ride right now. Big ups to Claudio. Goes harder than most of the kids at my local park.

  4. After the growing attitude of kids being whining little bitches about not being able to double whip or do a 10ft high flair or some shit, it's so refreshing to see a guy who in every way has the right to moan yet he rides with a huge smile and seems to appreciate every trick he can do, keeping a real good attitude. This is definitely what bmx is about and it's a shame there isn't more of it. What a great dude, stoked on the video!

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