BSD – Lost In Iran

Wow this is incredible! I don’t think that anybody would pick Iran as their first choice for a riding trip but the BSD frenchmen aka Luc Legrand and Antony Lille alongside with Clement Baes went to explore this amaizng country! Antoine Sabourin filmed and edited the adventure and it’s a must watch!

“In the current world climate and with the help of the propaganda of political pundits, lots of friends don’t understand… why Iran? It’s dangerous… blah blah blah… Whatever, all I can say is that it was one of the best experiences in life for all of us. The Iranian people we met were just so nice, hospitable and curious about the world. We were able to speak about all of the big subjects… religion, politics and war. They know of what the rest of the world thinks of them. They know that it is all geo-politics. They aren’t angry about American people but they are against imperialist politics. They are afraid of undergoing the same fate as all the countries which surround them. Anyway, we met incredible people, discovered the Persian culture, ate good food, saw crazy landscapes and we rode some originals spots for our littles bikes… So, switch off the TV and open your mind. No more wars, love is gonna win!” – Antoine Sabourin

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