Brighton Ain’t Ready! (Full Video)

Following last weeks announcement about the return of Brighton Ain’t Ready, Seventies just uploaded the original video in its entirety. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen this or your DVD is scratched to hell, its definitely worth the watch. Awesome to think about how many of these dudes will be coming back and how much crazier the riding is bound to get. Get stoked, this is gonna be amazing!

The Brighton Aint Ready! full DVD from 2009.

36 riders, 6 months, 1 city.

Featuring – Dakota Roche, Sebastian Keep, Hoang Tran, Scott Ditchburn, Dan Lacey, Seth Kimbrough, Matt Roe, Daryll Tocco, Tony Neyer, Sean Sexton, Mark Love, Josh Bedford, Tony Hamlin, Ryan Sher, Wade Lajlar, Bowlhead, Duncan Lloyd, Cookie, Waffle, Steve Buseck, Nate Moroshan, Gary Young, Karl Poynter, Davey Watson, Kym Grosser, Danny Hickerson, Derek Strickland, Eli Platt, Ryan Smith, Wolfman, Bruce Crisman, Johnny Devlin, Nick Halsey, Matt, Tom Dillon, Chicken, Harrison Boyce, Dayson, Ali Whitton, Brad Simms and Niki Croft!

Filmed and edited by Edd Allen.

Brighton Aint Ready! 2014…coming very soon.