Breaking Free VII (Full Mixtape)

Today we present to you the latest offering from Dave Raffa and Breaking Free. Rochester New York is an awesome city filled with great spots and even better people, and Dave does their scene true justice behind the lens/computer screen. Featuring riding from Ryan Cork, Josh Babu, Nick Spath, Matt Smith,  Darryl Tocco’s little brother Brett, Phil De Mattia, Chijioke Okafo, Greg Henry, Sebastien Morgnroth, Tom Nguyen, Nate Sutura, and Dave himself. Everyone kills is but Cork’s stuff is extra sick, dude has been killing it low-key for years and this might be some of his best riding yet (love that huge chain gap and floating polejams are terrifying). Sit back and enjoy ten minutes of pure bmx riding from Rochester, Ithaca, Toronto and beyond.