BMX Storyline on “Bones”

If you aren’t a “Bones” fan, ESPN will fill you in on how BMX is being portrayed to the masses. Not good. The above preview doesn’t crack the surface; you have to read the article to understand.

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0 thoughts on “BMX Storyline on “Bones”

  1. None of those riders should have agreed to do that! It doesn’t matter how much they were paid! We already have Mike Spinner on TV! That doesn’t do anything for BMX’s image! Now this!

    • this is exactly why tools like ben snowden do not belong in BMX, I totally agree he shouldve simply stood up and said something and if they didnt change it walk away. Nut hes a total tool and I am sure the other riders involved are just as clueless as to how bad this is for BMX

  2. How about you find some of these riders, since names are given and ask them why they agreed to do it…………….

    Post that up in an interview and have to bmx world shun these riders for being homo money bags.

  3. Idk depends where you ride some guys are dicks some are awsome but if you judge bmx by what you saw on a tv show you saw once then you are the retard not the guys who got to actually make money riding there bike

  4. Did you see the full episode?

    Also, you do realize you run a website full of fucktards posting up pictures of there bud stash, 4lokos, web edits with banging chicks, and you’re getting butt hurt because people now think we jump onto/off of roofs?

    Tell Sean Burns thats not really how BMX is. Who gives a fuck.

    • Do you realize you have horrible grammar? English is your language and you can’t even type it correctly. I’m sure if someone got anything from that episode it wasn’t “jumping on roofs”.

    • you’re calling me out on grammar? your the dumb mother fucker who used “there” instead of “their” when referring to someones property (bud), and you made four loko plural, which clearly shows you’re retarded because you generally don’t roll up to the corner store and ask where the “beers” are. so, don’t call me out because i’m a bit lazy when it comes to punctuation and capitalization, NOT grammar. and to answer your original question, no i did not see the episode because i have many better things to do then watch shitty sitcoms on fox. things like drinking four loko, smoking bud, and banging chicks. so have fun watching bones and posting comments about why mainstream media will improve anything and everything and why we should lose sight of what bmx is really about.

    • What?! hahah I wasn’t calling out you dumbass. That “LOL” kid has bad grammar. That was a long useless rant on your part. Idiot.

  5. reading comments on this website makes my fucking brain melt. either bmx is filling with complete fucking retards who do not know how life really works or kids are hitting there heads way to fucking.

  6. first of all, i couldnt give a shit what the kind of people who would watch bones think about me. second of all, its not even that bad. thats like saying if there was a black murderer that makes black people look bad. its fictional story.

  7. been saying bmx is portrayed in the media the wrong way for the longest ? I seen that episode. Tv is “ONE” of the main reason’s way outsiders look down on what we do just ‘CAN’T GET IT ? “

  8. did someone realize that the one with the neon bike makes a tailwhip air, but in the next seq hes rollin fakie down a random quarter pipe?? ohh those fgts

  9. This episodes portrays BMX better than the TCU users do. If you were to judge BMX based on the audience of TCU, well, we’d be in big trouble. Fortunately, most kids who ride hard are actually nice people and not pointless web-based haters.

    My two cents.

  10. i think that episode sounded hilarious.
    im not really sure what you guys are getting hurt over. the fact that they’re stealing mattresses from motels, that they portrayed us as stupid, or that we havnt evolved from mat hoffmans time of riding? either way, we do break the law a whole lot. any innocent bystander who sees someone grind they’re bike down a handrail or jump down stairs is gunna think we have brain problems. and personally, i see no fucking problem at all with being more like mat hoffman, dudes the raddest guy to ever live.

  11. yall talkin some ish about ”it makes bmx look gay”.. ok dudes now take a look around, bmx has been as gay as fuck since day one , dudes riding around in rainbow coloured tight pants and ish.. cmon its just how YOU look at it.. if you think that THIS made bmx look more gay, then you prolly took a bat up ur ass just last night, peace out homos’

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