ATX Streets Mixtape

Chuck is always out in the streets of Austin, riding, exploring and gathering footage from all the visitors or locals who ride with him. He put all the amazing clips he had into this one dope mixtape and mixed it up to a special beat from 6th Street Drumma, a street performer who’s always lurking downtown and the final result is sick!

Including ridding from Craig Passero, Brandon Begin, Eli Taylor, Brett Silva, Mark Burnett, Erik Elstran, Clint Reynolds, Nutter, Brian Hunt, Kareem Williams, Scott Marceau, Matt Nordstrom, Jeremie Infelise, Mason Gray, Owen Gray, Blake Wright, Clint “Mag Wheel Guy” Zabodyn, Weston Vaughn, Miles Simone, Travis Loteck and Charlie Crumlish.

Editors note: East Side Trails are on a street, too.