ABQDNV Winter Promo

So this was the labor of the past few months messing around with the boys filming when we could with weather and between other projects. As well as a few leftovers that never saw the light of day for different reasons. The guys riding in this video have been my good friends for over a decade now as well a few new comers to our scene and krew. So it makes it easy going back and forth between New Mexico and Denver to film and hang out. This is what we came up with in the process with the help of Alex Gonzales, Dustin Arp and a few of the guys filming in between.

Thank you to all who helped in anyway possible, without you guys ABQDNV would not be. As well thank you to everyone who has watched and supported, Much appreciated. We have a lot planned for this upcoming year, give this a watch and be on the lookout for what is coming up. Mario Carrasco