TCU TV: The Tate Roskelley Interview

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3:40 How did you start out riding?
4:50 We get a surprise phone call from Matt Beringer
12:35 Talk about how you met Elf
17:45 We talk about da haterz
19:00 Would you rather film for a DVD section or for Instagram?
24:15 How do you feel about your Volume section?
27:20 Have you ever been bitten by an animal?
31:25 We talk about Tate’s career in the grocery industry
36:30 What inspires you?
39:00 Catfish talks about how he can do more tricks than Brian Kachinsky
41:40 Do you ever ride skateparks?
42:45 Guest question: How did you get the name “Tate Roskelley”?
45:00 What do you think of Erik Elstran?
47:00 We talk about Elf’s upcoming Killjoy sequel “Dollar Bet”
53:50 Let’s talk about the drifter and how you learned it
1:02:00 Fuzzy
1:06:00 Tate talks about how he can’t film more than one section at once

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