TCU TV – The Simon O’Brien Interview

Simon O’Brien is considered one of the all time greats in the flatland world. He won an X Games gold medal. He’s put out 2 solo DVDs. He’s invented countless tricks. He has quite possibly the second most viewed BMX video on YouTube. Basically the dude is a bad ass and although I would have loved to interview him with the assistance of my usual co-host Catfish, he was in Japan or something so I held down the interview myself and did my best to help tell the story of a man so hopelessly obsessed with bike riding that he built a concrete slab in his front yard just to practice flatland tricks on. I was joined by Simon’s friend and fellow flatland luminary, Bobby Carter.

01:00 Getting started riding BMX in a town of 500 people
04:00 Lonely flatland lifestyle
07:50 First trip to the USA
11:30 Mexican food
18:30 Building a slab of concrete in his front yard
22:30 Winning the last flatland X Games gold medal
28:00 Doing his first solo DVD
35:30 Contest tricks vs bangers
39:00 Keeping brakes on
43:00 What’s it like having arguably the most viewed web video of all time?

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